Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shutdown Day 3

Does anyone else feel like the people we elected to represent us are being more dramatic then a group of teenage girls? Shutting down an entire government is just about the most drama filled thing you can do. I understand that there are certain aspects of this situation that will take time to navigate and understand; but there are things that we can all just accept and move on from. Laws are laws. If you don't like them, go through the proper channels instead of throwing a Washington sized temper tantrum and shutting the whole thing down. This rant is not thrown to one side or another, I lay this on both sides equally.

From a military standpoint, the anxiety-ridden calm before the storm was the worst part. Are we going to get a paycheck this week? What about next month? Are my doctor's appointments still going to happen? Where am I going to buy groceries? Luckily, there are more than a few places that are willing to help us along this unknown road. Sam's Club is allowing active and retired military personnel to shop without a membership in areas where the commissary is closed. Thankfully, our pay system was not affected, but those who rely on retirement benefits, VA benefits, and DoD civilians who were furloughed were not so lucky.

I freely and openly admit that I am not political. I vote based on the person, not their party. And as of right now, I am ashamed that both parties have taken it this far. What kind of example are we setting not just for the citizens of our country but those of the world? Right now the only points anyone has taken from this unfortunate series of events are: When you don't like something, sit in your chair and pout. Don't discuss your objections, yell them at anyone. Don't respectfully listen to your opposition, put your fingers in your ears and yell back. And last but certainly not least; when the government's representatives don't know what to do, they will use their own citizens like pawns in this political game. What kind of game do they think they are playing when they can potentially derail people's lives so much but have almost no personal repercussions? At this point, I am just glad we do not have to worry about where next month's rent is coming from. We have food in the fridge, gas in the car and Hubby is at work right now.

Just imagine how different this episode would be if it was the lawmakers that had their livelihood on the line. If they were the ones who had to worry about making a mortgage payment or not receiving drugs that may stop their cancer from spreading. Do you think the government would be open today? I do. All of this would have been over, sorted, and budgeted weeks ago. People are suffering because of this and our nation is beginning to buckle under this unnecessary pressure. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon, but I am not planning on holding my breath. Someone, please, prove me wrong!

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