Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time for some updates

It has been more then a hot minute since I have written. Ooops. At first it was a nice vacation feeling that went along with not writing but recently I really started to miss it. I was looking at old posts and I started to get nostalgic about things that just happened last year. That got me thinking about all of things that are changing in our family and I really want a place to document them not just for us but for our families.

So let's get the ball re-rolling with a prego update: I am rounding up the second trimester at 25 weeks and heading straight into "Get this baby out of me now" third trimester time. Just check out the view of my feet now.

Hello down there! I remember when I could see more then just the tops of my anchors. I wonder how much longer until the view is just toes? And sooner rather then later, those will disappear too. All of the ladies in my family get big when they are carrying their youngins. Not just a little big but 'Are you having twins?' big. We are shorties and we have nowhere for them to go but out. I am the average height in my family at a whopping 5 feet tall, so we do not look like Giselle when we are pregnant with cute bellies and thin limbs at nine months. Nope. True story... my wedding rings came off in my first trimester and they will not return until well after this little one is in the nursery.

Speaking of the's not ready. Haha. No way Jose. I have the vision on my head of what I want it to look like but the most we have done so far is browse the cribs at Babies R Us while we were doing our registry and a few furniture stores. But I think we might have found a winner! The first big, baby purchase is in the works and I am so excited. Let the shopping commence! Look out baby goodies here I come!