Japan Resources

In all of the complexities of moving, moving to a country where you do not speak the language is even harder! Here are some English-translated Japanese websites that I was so glad to find and a few military and American resource sites that I love as well. Enjoy!

     Japanese post might seem like something you won't use if you have access to the military post, but it is super nice to mail souvenirs to family when you're traveling or even back to yourself. The entire website's in English when you click my link, and it includes delivery rates, tracking, locations and services. 

     Check out this website, find your location and discover everything that the local MWR provides. It is amazing all of the things that they do: youth sports, fitness classes, movies, culture classes, events with the local communities, and tours across the country. Who doesn't want to see the snow monkeys in winter or spot a maiko or geiko walking down the street in Kyoto? 

     Amazon.jp is amazing for those little things you don't want to leave the house for, just like American Amazon. However, since Japan is a smaller country, I have received everything I have ordered on Amazon.jp in 3 days or less without purchasing a Prime account. It is great for diapers, food, and local specialties. You translate the page by clicking the little globe with the "JP" under the search bar and changing it to English. 

     I have American Amazon Prime and it has been a godsend when I need something that I can't get locally. Clothes, furniture, makeup, anything! I recommend getting a Prime membership just to save a ridiculous amount of money on international shipping costs.   

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