Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Due Date Day (sort of)

Today is my due date. I should be pacing around my house, drinking weird tea, eating spicy foods and praying that this baby makes her way out soon. But... little miss Elizabeth Rose decided to make her grand entrance a month ago! October 4, 2014. What should have been my Baby Shower day turned into my Delivery Day and little girl's Birthday.

You wanna talk about a surprise! You don't get a bigger surprise then your water breaking at 3 am, 750 miles from home, at your own mother's house, the day of your baby shower, a month before your due date. Her delivery was a true blur. Since she was breech and had not flipped naturally yet, we had an inversion scheduled for the week after the shower to try to get her all set up for a natural delivery. Well, needless to say, we never did make that doctor's appointment.

A whole month old already 
We were in Texas for the baby shower that my mother had been tirelessly working on for weeks. Everything was starting to come together and it was all looking so gorgeous. Pinks, grays, creams and golds had taken over my mom's color scheme in her house. There were chiavari chairs and tables in the backyard waiting to be set up. Gorgeous blush and cream roses were being delivered. And I was hours away from trying the cupcakes that I had been told were going to change my life. I was so excited for the first party for my little girl. Instead I wake up at 3 in the morning to a Niagara Falls situation. At first I genuinely thought "Oh my God, I am so pregnant I can't hold my pee in anymore" then I knew in a split second it was my water. Oh no. Hubby sprung out of bed so fast and ran downstairs to tell my mom and step dad that the plans for the day had changed a little.  

From the time my water broke to when Lizzie was delivered was only two hours. Two very fast hours. I think I was in shock when we arrived at the emergency room. I was way, way to calm. We walked in, I said hello to the nice nurse at the desk; then I told her my water broke, that the baby was breech and that I was 35 weeks along. All with a smile plastered on my face. I remember a cop by the desk chuckling at me and the nurse saying "Okay then, lets get you up to labor and delivery". After that, it was an hour of a few tests, some needles and monitors, then I was whisked away to the OR. The spinal wasn't much fun to get. Not feeling anything from the chest down is disorienting to say the least, but the blue curtain you see in every photo and movie really does exist. The delivery itself was very fast. When Hubby came in and sat next to me, we talked about how this was not what we thought we would be doing that Saturday. Haha, life's funny that way. I remember saying to him that it was so surreal that we were going to be parents soon; then I hear the doctor say "In about 2 minutes...I see feet!" I had no idea that she was that far along in the operation. I didn't feel any of the tugging or pulling pressure that some ladies do when they get a cesarean. So it was a real surprise when we heard a little cry from behind the curtain and Elizabeth Rose was born at 5:09 am.

 It turns out that I most likely went into labor because I ended up developing preeclampsia. During the delivery my blood pressure was sky high and it did not go back down on its own. So while Lizzie was in the NICU for monitoring I was being monitored too. Have you ever had a magnesium drip? Yuck doesn't even begin to explain it. The first 24 hours of her life, I felt like I had the flu and I couldn't leave my room to go see her. So Hubby and my family got to spend quality time with the little lady while I was trying to rest up.

My Step Dad Gary meeting Lizzie 

My Step Mom Karen seeing her newest granddaughter 

My Daddy and Miss Lizzie 

My Mommy and Lizzie Rose, her namesake 
After only 12 hours in the NICU, Lizzie was given a clean bill of health and was free to venture outside of the nursery. I was the one doctors were worried about now. I can't tell you how many times my blood pressure was checked or how many medications I was given, but it was all worth it when I got to hold her for the first time.

Hubby was so fantastic during the whole thing. From the moment he woke up that early Saturday morning, he took care of everything. He was my rock during the delivery and the three days in the hospital that followed. He was a natural with the baby and I loved seeing him wheel her into the room every morning with such excitement to be with her all day. Then he'd wheel her out every night to take her back to the nursery for tests, sweetly saying to her that she'll see mommy tomorrow. Those first few days were some that I will treasure always.  

We ended up spending two extra weeks in Texas, just to make sure me and the baby were well enough to travel back to Florida. It was definitely a blessing in disguise to have my water break while in Corpus. My whole family was in town for the shower so everyone had the chance to meet Lizzie a lot earlier then they would have otherwise. My parents got to spend time with their grand baby when she was first born. That was always something that they knew would most likely never happen. It is moments like those that get sacrificed because of our military lifestyle. But my parents were able to not only be there when she was born but an additional two weeks of loving on the little was given to them. The biggest blessing was having all of my sisters in town. Two of the three no longer live in Texas. Katie lives in Philadelphia and Natalie lives in California now. For them to be able to see and hold their niece, to be in the hospital waiting room the morning she was born was priceless. I think God had a very big hand in the whole thing. He made it so everyone was able to be there to celebrate her birth together and most important of all, that both Lizzie and I were healthy.

So my little lady had a plan of her own the whole time. The joke in my family now is that she knew she wanted to be born a Texan, and she made it happen. She wanted to be with her family when she was born. So little Lizzie Rose was born in Corpus Christi, Texas just like her mama, and it was one eventful, beautiful day.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time for some updates

It has been more then a hot minute since I have written. Ooops. At first it was a nice vacation feeling that went along with not writing but recently I really started to miss it. I was looking at old posts and I started to get nostalgic about things that just happened last year. That got me thinking about all of things that are changing in our family and I really want a place to document them not just for us but for our families.

So let's get the ball re-rolling with a prego update: I am rounding up the second trimester at 25 weeks and heading straight into "Get this baby out of me now" third trimester time. Just check out the view of my feet now.

Hello down there! I remember when I could see more then just the tops of my anchors. I wonder how much longer until the view is just toes? And sooner rather then later, those will disappear too. All of the ladies in my family get big when they are carrying their youngins. Not just a little big but 'Are you having twins?' big. We are shorties and we have nowhere for them to go but out. I am the average height in my family at a whopping 5 feet tall, so we do not look like Giselle when we are pregnant with cute bellies and thin limbs at nine months. Nope. True story... my wedding rings came off in my first trimester and they will not return until well after this little one is in the nursery.

Speaking of the's not ready. Haha. No way Jose. I have the vision on my head of what I want it to look like but the most we have done so far is browse the cribs at Babies R Us while we were doing our registry and a few furniture stores. But I think we might have found a winner! The first big, baby purchase is in the works and I am so excited. Let the shopping commence! Look out baby goodies here I come!  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Necessary Shopping

Happy Monday everyone! It is a gorgeous day here in Pensacola and I am going to try my hardest to spend at least a few hours outside of my house today. I have a really bad habit of staying in all day unless I force myself to leave the house. And even then, it is usually to go to another indoor facility (i.e. mostly Target). So as you can imagine, I am as white as a ghost and craving some Vitamin D. I can always go for a nice, long walk around the block for today but maybe a trip to the beach is in the cards soon. I am craving some sand in my toes, a dunk in the ocean with an ice cold, frosty marga...scratch that...bottle of water in my hand. You know you are expecting when your beach cooler has more water in it then the usual grouping of beer and ready made alcoholic fruity drinks.

But even worse, since now I am in the pregnant lady category of stores, I have nothing to wear to said beach. I am 15 weeks in and my body has already changed so much! My stomach has turned into a baby bump, a little one, but it's there. And my boobs. Oh good lord my boobs have already decided to jump up a cup size and all of my old bathing suit tops look like a beach side peep show waiting to happen. Thankfully the gain has avoided my butt for now. If there is one body part I do not need to grow it is that one! You know the term badonkadonk? Yep, that's me :)  

So the search is on for a new suit that will cover, support, not cut off circulation, and definitely not look like I found it in a grandma's drawer circa 1992. You know, "complete with matching long skirt and wide brimmed hat in neon green or pink!" Haha. Sexy thoughts I know. So far I have found a few that I like, some maternity, some non but all cute.

The first is from A Pea in the Pod and I like the ruffle to take some attention away from the soon to be watermelon sized bump. Plus it's not black, which is my go to color for just about everything :) 

Two and Three are both JoJo Maman Bebe. I usually stay away from patterns, especially horizontal stripes, but I figure this is the one time I can wear it and really get away with it. And I love me some polka dots!

The fourth has an adorable name to go with the ruffles. Tutti-Fruti by Gottex. I love the 40s style with straps and it comes in black, naturally. 

Decisions, decisions. So now I am stuck. I have to decide which one I want to grow into over the summer and I cannot make up my mind. Simple and classic or fun and colorful. Help! Should I venture out of my comfort zone or stick to the old standbys?  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hello Again

Well, it looks like I missed the month of April. I'm sorry y'all. So much has been going on in our home these past few weeks, and I could not find the energy to get off of the couch let alone open my computer. And now I can finally share with y'all the reason I have been extremely M.I.A or A.W.O.L. (for my military mamas out there).

We are pregnant!

One of my sisters had the best description for Luna's less then enthused face in this picture: #oldersisterproblems. Although she would not smile for the cameras that day, I know she is happy about the baby. She snuggles with me a lot more often now and will rest her head on my belly when she naps. It melts my nauseous heart every time she does that. So cute. She'll be a great playmate and watch dog to the baby.

And now, the last thirteen weeks make perfect sense to me! Now I know why I had a constant stuffy nose and was comatose for most of that time. And I can't forget the morning sickness that literally lasted all day up until last week. Now I only get sick if I wait too long to eat or sleep too much. No more long naps for me! I am thoroughly convinced that the only reason I am alive today is because of Gatorade and Whataburger french fries. Thank you Lord in heaven for Harmon Dobson & Paul Burton (the guys who started Whataburger) and to the University of Florida's research team all those years ago who found a fantastic way to hydrate their athletes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

So now, we are on the way into the second trimester and I am feeling more and more like my old self again. My appetite is back, I am wearing more then just Hubby's shirts and pajamas, and my energy is slowly coming back. I no longer need a two to three hour long nap in the middle of the day just to stay up until my 10 pm bed time. Man could I sleep. I was clocking 16 hours of sleep a day at one point. When I did the math I felt beyond ridiculous, but I literally could not keep my eyes open. It's amazing how a little zygote can make you feel so exhausted. (And we are no where near the midnight feeding/diaper duty type of exhaustion) 

So now you know what I have been up to during my time away. I was starting to bake a tiny human! This is one adventure that I still cannot believe we started. It feels surreal. So I am going to need lots of help, words of advice, and an all-you-really-need-registry guide. I am counting on y'all out there to give me some pearls of wisdom! Mamas helping mamas :) 


Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday {3.28}


Another week finished up. This one has been so much better then the last few that is for sure! I finally feel like myself again. Thank the lord. The living room is no longer my second bedroom, the bathrooms are cleaned, the backyard is beer bottle free, and the kitchen is sparkling. I love a productive week that sets in a good mood to start the weekend.

   I discovered another of my favorite childhood/teenage movies on Netflix this week. Steel Magnolias. Oh this movie makes me tear up just thinking about it, but it is such a great movie. A true chick flick. I give it a 5 Kleenex rating. No matter how many times you have watched it, you will cry a little every time.

   To keep up the Southern hospitality feel, I ordered this gem on Wednesday. I don't know if it is just the area where we live now or the suburbs themselves, but we have had a lot of people come by trying to sell things or asking for money. Don't get me wrong, I like giving to charities that I know and respect; but when a 20 year old man comes by asking for money to send books to third world children, that earn him points to get him to Rome with no paperwork verifying the company. Yeah, no thank you. I hope this little sign does it's job, and does it well!

   Hubby and I are starting to finalize arrangements for my youngest sister's college graduation in May. It is still so wild to me that all of my little sisters are growing up. One is living in New York, applying to grad schools for something she has had a life long interest in and dating the sweetest guy. Another is in Texas building her dream business already at the age of 23. And my baby sister is graduating college this year, moving to California were she will no doubt set up shop and settle down by the beautiful coast. I love my sisters and I love this season of our lives, but I miss them so much. Come visit me little ones! 

      I am patiently waiting for the weather to get a little warmer and less rainy to try out the Margaritaville Hotel. Hubby and I snuck onto their pier and I quickly snapped these before we were spotted. They have a little, quiet beach. Not at all what you think a place like Margaritaville is going to be like, but it is so relaxing. You can bet, come a few weeks from now, I will be laying under one of those blue umbrellas. 

   Last but certainly not least in any way shape or form, two of my favorite people in the whole world gave birth to their beautiful babies this week, less then 48 hours apart! My super-mommy Navy wife friend Audora gave birth to her fourth baby. A third, gorgeous little girl with reddish hair just like her older sisters & brother. Then two days later, my Norfolk front door neighbor & amazing Navy wife friend Christine, gave birth to her and her husband's very first baby. She is a little doll with so much dark brown hair and the chubbiest little cheeks. They are both so adorable. Congratulations friends! I cannot wait to cuddle your little darlings! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recipe Day

For some reason, when I get over an illness, I want the wildest food combinations. Enchiladas and General Tso Chicken. Yum. French fries and Pancakes. Nothing like carbo-loading. This time it was Fish Tacos and Bruschetta. I know... I am weird. Don't worry I don't combine them or anything like that. I just like a wide range of flavors when I can finally taste again.

I love bruschetta. This recipe is as simple as it gets. No ovens to heat up an already toasty summer kitchen, and minimal stove use. This recipe makes about 4-6 large slices, enough for a very filling snack for 2 or lunch for 1. 

Yum. Fish. I wanted to fry this up so bad but I am attempting better eating habits so baking really is the best. The pico in the recipe is more of a lime pico. Definitely for lighter foods like fish and shrimp. If you want to add some kick to it, add in the jalapeno without the seeds. For even more of a bite, keep the seeds. Remember, you can add whatever want to jazz it up or take out anything that isn't to your taste. Just make it yours and make it delicious!

 Just look at these beauties:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One late, late post day

Hey y'all. Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday but it has been a messy few days 'round these parts. (Did you just say that with the southern twang I intended. lol. I hope so) So Saturday we had our Housewarming Party. I think it was a huge success! In fact, I didn't get the chance to take one picture the entire afternoon or night. Which now, I regret, but at the time I couldn't care less. I was just enjoying having people over at our new home and enjoying the fruits of Hubby's labor. He woke up at 3am on Saturday to begin smoking all of the delicious meats for the party. Yeah, can you tell he takes this hobby very seriously? But you know what, it totally paid off. Brisket, beef ribs and spare ribs were the highlight of the festivities for sure. Well that, and his new butane torch that the guys loved playing with in the fire pit. Oh men.

Some of the guys were still here when I passed out cold around midnight, so of course nothing got put away or cleaned that night. Those boys and their scotch, I swear. So I have spent the last few days alternating between party cleanup and Whataburger runs. I have this massive peeve about cooking when the kitchen is already a mess. I can't do it. The idea of making food with only one pan or with spices & food strewn about is just so frustrating that I don't even attempt it anymore. So in honor of me finally getting the kitchen back in working order, tomorrow will be a recipe share day. Remember my Fish Tacos & Bruschetta pics {here}, well y'all are getting the details on how to make them yourself manana. Ole and Salute!

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday Happiness

This week has been a rough week in our house. Sick, then feeling great, then being knocked out cold with sinus headaches again. Overall, it has been a harsh week and a half.  What's that saying: 'When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'. lol. To keep my spirits up, I have been relying on a few of my favorite things. Here are the top five that have kept me from holding up in my bedroom with a tissue box and a sound machine full of whale noises to keep me asleep.


   One of my all-time favorite movies is now on Netflix. I found that fun fact out at 1 am last Tuesday when my stuffed up nose was keeping me up and I couldn't sleep or breath. Totally worth it.

   Bruschetta and Fish Tacos. When I start to feel better after being sick and having no appetite, I crave the weirdest combinations of foods. This time it was Mexican and Italiano. Yum. I'll give y'all the recipes for these goodies next week. You will love them! 

   I might have made some delirious purchases while I was out of commission but I am glad I did. This gorgeous print came in last week and it really perked me up. I have been searching for a place of honor for it in my craft room ever since.

   Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Oh how I love thee when I am feeling so, so bad. 

   Rehab Addict, Property Brothers, House Hunters and Income Property. HGTV is my lifeblood during the day while I am all alone and feel like total crap laying on the couch waiting for Hubby to get home. I love that channel. It makes me feel better. Thank you Canada for your delicious drinks and fantastic television programming. I owe y'all a lot for these past few days. 
   My 'get better' inspiration :) 

Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm Alive!

Well, I went to the doctor Wednesday and found out I have sinusitis and a touch of tonsillitis, just for good measure you know. Thanks body. 'Yuck' is the only word I could think of when she told me my diagnosis. I think my seasonal allergies mutated into some weird hybrid sickness because of the weather changing so much this past week. 70s to 30s all in one week is enough to make anyone go crazy, let alone my stupid allergies. So naturally, they rebelled. Thankfully my Doc gave me the good meds so hopefully I'll be back, good as new, by next week.

So this weekend will probably be just as mellow as last weekend was. Hopefully I'll be conscious for more of this one, it is St. Patrick's Day weekend! But instead of green beer, I'll probably stick to green tea :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

What Weekend?

There was a weekend? I am pretty sure I slept away the past three days on the couch. I remember waking up at some point and making a lasagna. I think that was Friday. Maybe Saturday. At least I had the for thought to leave something in the fridge for hubby to eat while I was comatose. I am not sure if I am getting a sinus infection or of it is just some ungodly tree blooming away its evil pollen just for me. It looks like a doctor's appointment is in my future this week. Boo on sickness. Boo.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

4 Years and Loving It

My gorgeous marriage-aversary flowers. 
Yesterday was our 4 year marriage anniversary! I cannot believe four years have gone by already. They literally flew by, granted one of those years we weren't on the same continent. But even then, it doesn't feel like three years have gone by. Too fast, too fast.

Before I move on I should explain "marriage-aversary". It is not uncommon in the military to get married before you Get Married. We actually got married in the Court House in Milton, Florida before our big wedding that was later that year in Texas. The Paper Wedding. Get it? lol. It makes moving, insurance, doctor's appointments, base access, everything a whole lot easier (or even possible) when you are married to your military man. We decided to do a paper wedding when we found out we were moving from Florida to Virginia before our wedding date. I did not want to take the chance of him being shipped off before we were married and I would be left in information limbo during an entire deployment.

Lucky for us, Hubby didn't get shipped off for almost an entire year after we arrived in Virginia. Whew. But I did not regret getting married before the wedding, not even a little. It was this fantastic secret we had just between the two of us. I loved calling him my husband behind closed doors and my fiance to everyone else. Now we celebrate the day we became secret Husband and Wife as our marriage-aversary. I love that man more every day we spend together and even more when we are apart; because that is when you truly realize how much you love someone.

Thank you US Navy for teaching me that! (only minorly sarcastic)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Octopus Soup Recipe & Octopus Cooking Tips

Don't be frightened, cooking with octopus is definitely not as scary as people think it is. This recipe is one of the easiest to follow and really tasty. It is based on a recipe I found a while ago but I tweaked it a bit so it is more flavorful and hearty.

This recipe is about 6-8 servings, large servings. 

I like a hearty soup, more like a stew. So I added the entire box of orzo. But if you would like a more broth like soup, keep the orzo at 8oz.
Be sure you do not over cook the octopus in the beginning of the recipe. It will continue to cook when you put it back in the stock pot for the last 20 minutes.  

Some Octopus Cooking Tips:

  • Don't do the cork thing, it doesn't work. Just an old wive's tale.
  • Octopus is like shrimp in its cooking form. When it is done, the octopus curls up and is an opaque/dark pink in color. I use baby octopus because it is easier for me to cook then the larger variety,and it has a significantly shorter cook time. 1.5 pounds of baby octopus cooks in about 3 minutes in a rolling boil where a 1.5 pound single octopus takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes.
  • If you cannot find cleaned octopus, it is pretty simple to remove the bits you don't need. Since I do not cook the heads I don't worry about removing the insides or the eyes. But if you would like to cook the heads; take a small, sharp knife and cut up into the heads from the bottom, removing the insides. You can remove the beaks by either spreading the tentacles and cutting them out or by squeezing the sides of the head by the beak from the underside and it will slide out. Simply cut it out from there if it will not ease out. You can remove the eyes using the exact same technique as the beak, but I prefer to simply cut them out using kitchen scissors. Be sure you rinse out the octopus really well to get out all of the insides, (possible) ink and bones that look like fish scales.    
  • Octopus can get very tough the larger it is. Those are older octopus and therefor not as tender. I recommend brining the larger ones if you have time. 3 tbsp regular table salt in 1 qt. warm water, add the octopus and let it sit for a few hours before cooking. Brine makes everything tender and delicious.

I hope yall like the recipe and are a whole lot more comfortable giving octopus a cooking-try with the tips. You never know if ya like it until ya try it! Bon Appetit!