About me

Hi y'all! My name is Samantha and I'm so glad you came to check out my little corner of the internet. That is me in the left corner with my helicopter-flying hubby and our little munchkin, Lizzie. We've been married for seven years and we just moved to the land of the rising sun, Japan! We've had a few adventures in our new host country, and we cannot wait to have many, many more.

Some fun facts about me are: I adore beaches, crafts, Japan, bicycles, flowers, awesome friends, cinematic treasures, my Luna Mae, yoga, Italy, weddings, USS Lexington, family, good books, Texas, espresso, New York City, painting, my three crazy sisters, Disney World and being a mommy to Lizzie Rose and a wife to the love of my life of course!

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  1. Hi Samantha! I found your blog through "Anchors Aweigh". I was browsing around, and saw that you had commented on one of the posts. And I couldn't pass up reading a fellow Texan's blog!!!! I love your blog. It's adorable! I'm your newest follower!