Thursday, March 26, 2015

Disney World!

If you follow my instagram {@amodernnavywife} you got a little preview of this post while were on our vacation earlier this month at the best place ever, Disney World. It is one of those places that will always hold a special spot in my heart. It was the place where we got engaged after all.  And it truly is a spot where you can just have fun and really act like a big kid; and no one bats an eye at the adults in Mickey ears! So naturally we had to take Miss Lizzie to Disney World for her first big vacation. My dad and step mom even came with us. It was a true Family Vacation that I have always dreamed of taking one day with our babies. It was also super appropriate that my dad and step mom were there for Lizzie's first Disney trip as they were the ones that took me and my sisters to Disney when we were younger. I love my daddy so much for introducing me to my Disney obsession, and for having amazing photography skills to capture the fun that we had. These are just a few of the dozens (possibly hundreds!) of pictures that he took over the week. I hope you enjoy them!

 Animal Kingdom Day:

The Tree of Life
We got to see a lot of animals on the safari. The key is to go early

I swear you can nurse your baby anywhere in these parks.
Get it? 
I wasn't the only new mommy there. Check out her left leg!
What a cutie pie 
'Murica. As the husband says. lol 
Great coaster! We're the fourth ones from the top. 
Lizzie's first Disney souvenir was a baby Nala from the Lion King

Epcot Day:

My favorite golf ball ever. 
Everyone liked Mexico but Lizzie did NOT like Donald
China, the munchkin's hiding 
An Italian Flashback
Morocco's shopping alley 
The bridge right above where he proposed five years before in France.
The Eiffel Tower, complete with a confused man 
Grandparents with the babe at the Canadian waterfalls
He loves her so much
Our best "Simba-ing" ever! 
Too many countries for this little traveler

 Hollywood Studios Day:

The Great Movie Ride is always a crowd pleaser because you sit and it's air conditioned! 

Nailed It!
Her first Mickey meeting! 

Magic Kingdom Day:

Hello Beautiful, I missed you

Cheesin' hard because everyone needs the mickey ice cream
The Little Mermaid ride was quite possibly my favorite part. 
I was so obsessed with this movie when I was little, I broke the VHS
Yeah, I loved it
The bebe's first Dumbo ride


 I am already dreaming about when we can go back. When you live in Florida, you have to go as often as possible right? If you are military too and wanting to go to the happiest place on earth, go to your ticket office on base or post for the fantastic deals. Our tickets were 4 day park hoppers for less then half the regular cost, and of you stay on property you are eligible for extra park magic hours too! We stayed at Shades of Green, the military associated hotel and received the magic hours for free. Yeah, Free! I would happily stay at Shades of Green again just for that one perk! That's the view from our room below. Just look at that beautiful property. It used to be a Disney golf resort before the Army took it over so it is really lovely, with excellent golf of that strikes your fancy.

Our view was beautiful, no parking lot views here! 

Anyone want to go to Orlando soon? I'll meet you there with a churro and a baby in some fancy Mickey ears!

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  1. Wow! This is magical! A place where all you dreams may come true:)! I loved the post and wonderful photos! Thanks.