Friday, September 27, 2013

It's 5 on Friday Time


   Today is my Birthday!!!!  Even Google knew it was my day! My friend Christine took me to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme this morning.


And Hubby is taking me to Chicago for my Birthday Weekend! I cannot wait to see what he has planned.

   Both mine and Hubby's beloved football teams won this week! I can't think of a better way to start off a week then with a win from both teams.

   I sold two paintings from my Etsy store this week. I feel official now. Check out the little painting that sold. They were for two sisters in Tri Sigma.

   When we get back from our weekend away I am heading to the store and buying the biggest, most perfect pumpkin I can find. I found a bleach soak that will keep carved pumpkins for a month +, therefor I am carving those babies as soon as I can find the ideal specimen. These are some pictures from the last pumpkin carving session we had at our friends Mike and Christine's place. Wow, I just realized those were taken 2 years ago! It is time to have another pumpkin party.


   And speaking of Pumpkins....

Luna got her Halloween costume today. I know, I know but don't judge me. In my family every kid's first costume was a pumpkin, it was only fitting that my first "baby" had one too. Admit it, it will make for cute pictures down the road to see everyone dressed as a pumpkin for their first Halloween. A restaurant called Dog-n-Burger has a puppy costume party every year and Lu is making her debut. Haha she looks miserable but she actually loves clothes. Sweaters are her favorite. I know, she's weird. She has to be, she's my dog :) 

Happy Friday everyone! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday! Does anyone else hear Dora the Explorer when they say a sentence that includes the word birthday? Haha. Anyway, tomorrow is the big day. 27 is fast approaching and I am actually looking forward to it. You hear friends and family freaking out over growing a year older, but 27 is going to be a big year for me and my family. We are moving to Florida, finding our first house, Hubby will start his new job, and maybe we'll be adding a little member to our family too. Yep, 27 is going to be a great year!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOW #3

It is that time of the week again. The soreness I feel in my belly is an excellent indication that I am getting off the couch and onto the floor. I wish that was a hint towards dancing my booty off, but it is not. I did a mean session of Quick Core yesterday and I am hurting now. Grrr, good pain! Happy pain! I am telling you, if you are looking for new at home routines get the DailyBurn app. When I am lazy and don't want to hike it all the way to the gym, I just work it at home. It is fantastic! Just do it, it costs as much as Netflix but it gets you off your tuches.

It has seriously saved me this week. I have been giving myself every excuse in the book to not go to the gym. "It's too far" "Traffic is going to be terrible" "It is so busy this time of day" "I have to get gas first and that's so out of the way" Yep, all of those ran across my mind. So I worked out in my living room instead, and it worked! I am down to 140lbs. Hello 30s I can see you from here and you look super hot :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My First Liebster!

Whoop, whoop! The Liebster Blog Award. This award is a fantastic way for new blogs get a little exposure. My blog is still in its infancy so a huge thanks goes out to Katherine at her blog, The Newsom's Nest, for the nomination. So let's dive in and get this question party started!

Eleven Random things about me: 

  1. There are four girls in my family and I am the oldest. Yes, all girls. There was a lot of estrogen in my house growing up!
  2. I am lactose intolerant. Always have been. Since the day I was born. Lactaid is my best friend 
  3. My favorite job was being a bridal consultant at David's Bridal. 
  4. I had never moved out of my hometown until I got engaged. I loved my family too much to leave :) 
  5. I still have every greeting card I have ever received. 
  6. I have seven tattoos. 
  7. Making the Team: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is my favorite TV show.
  8. It has always been my secret dream to be a DCC. 
  9. I have a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse.
  10. Samoa Girl Scout Cookies are my lifelong favorite.
  11. I have always wanted to be a wedding-event planner/decorator like my mommy :) It's in the blood. 

1. What is your favorite season and why?
Oh the season I love the most is upon us! Autumn! Fall! The time before the big freeze and after the great sweat storm! Oh I love it. Football in on, pumpkins start appearing at grocery stores along with golden leaves on the tips of tree branches. I get poetic when I talk about seasons now. Growing up in South Texas, you only have three "seasons": Hot, Damn Hot and Chilly. It is nice to get all four.

Who doesn't love pumpkin patches?

2. Favorite Movie?
Okay, this one is a real tuffy. My whole family is obsessed with movies. I can have an entire conversation with my sister Natalie composed entirely out of movie quotes. But I do have two movies that hold special places in my heart. Gone with the Wind with Clark Gable & Viviene Leigh and My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison & Audrey Hepburn. Classics. I have a thing for costume/period pieces.


3. Beach or Mountains?
Beach. Hands down. Always the beach.

4. What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
My favorite memory from childhood is a combination of all the Christmases I can remember. They all kind of blend together into one, big happy memory. Christmas was always a really good holiday in my family. I remember seeing all of my cousins gathered at either my grandparent's, uncle's or dad's house opening presents, playing, screaming and running around like banshees. That's me with my cousin Michael on Christmas.

5. Favorite kind of exercise/workout?
Yoga. I love the feeling of working out and centering at the same time. I found a new way to workout at home with an app called the DailyBurn. They have all kinds of workouts, not just yoga, to try and I love it so far. Lots of different workouts and levels to challenge. I think it is working!

6. Best way to get motivated?
These are the kinds of topics where I wish my mother had her own special space on my blog to insert her thoughts! She would say something like "You are asking Sam... for motivation advice? Haha! Good Luck." And you know what she would be right :) It takes A LOT for me to get motivated to do something. I am one of the great queens of procrastination. But now I am a little older and possibly a little wiser, I have learned that I need to write down my goals and see them in front of me everyday. They are in my calendar and note pad on my phone.

7. White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
Meh, I am not much of a chocolate person. Don't get me wrong, I have those days where all I want is a Hershey bar with almonds or else I will kill someone, but they are few and far between. I can always go for a good Snickers though, so I guess I would have to say Milk.

8. How many pets have you had throughout your life?
Too many to count. Let's put it this way...currently in my childhood home there are five dogs and one cat living where me and sisters used to be. I think my mother replaced her empty nest with a chihuahua sanctuary. I love you mama!

9. Favorite place you have lived? Why? 
If two months in a foreign country count I'm going with Italy. How can you not love living in Italy? We could hop on a train and be in places like Rome and Pisa in a few hours. I saw places I thought I would only see in movies or TV. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with Hubby in Italy.

See that leaning tower?

10. What is your go to, staple wardrobe item? Why?
Now that fall rapidly approaches, my newest staple is going to be these babies. Don't you just love 'em? I do, I do! Vince Camuto Elvin boots. Le sigh. I will wear them with everything: dresses, skirts, tights, skinnies. The possibilities are endless with classic, black booties for fall/winter.

Now y'all know a little bit more about me and all of the random things that make up a little bit of my crazy life. Continue the fun ladies:

The Ladies I Nominate for the Liebster are...
Summer @ Soon To Be

Y'alls questions are...
1. What are the hopes and dreams you have for your blog?
2. What is the one piece in your closet that you cannot live without? (clothing, shoes, accessory, anything)
3. What is the best book you have ever read? Why is it your fave?
4. What is your favorite comfort food?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
6. If you could have any job what would it be? 
7. Who is your celebrity crush?
8. iPhone or Android?
9. Are you a purger or a pack rat?
10. What did you want to be when you were little? 
11. If they were going to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

Have fun chicas! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sad Days

This is the patch of HSC 6 in San Diego. If you aren't associated with the Navy or Military you probably have heard very little, if any, of what has happened. Yesterday, one of their helicopters went down in the Red Sea. Three people were saved but two are still missing. They fly the exact same helicopter that my Hubby flies. It is always scary when something like this happens in his community. You never know if the pilots involved are people that you personally know. This time, Hubby did know one of the pilots that was lost.

This is the hardest part of life as a Navy spouse, as a military spouse. These are the times when questions start popping into your head about the safety of your spouse's job. They are in a dangerous field, but you can push that into the deepest parts of your mind for everyday life. But your imagination can run away with you very easily when times like these hit. Talk about it. Don't keep it in. This is also the time when we as a community come together. We meet up with other military spouses and rely on each other's shared experiences and knowledge. Talk to your spouse about the plans y'all have in place for events like these. The only thing worse then going through something like this, is going through it without a plan.

If you know anyone involved with this tragedy, or you personally where touched by this event and need to talk to someone outside of friends or family, Fleet and Family is there for you. They are there to assist you with anything you could possibly need, an ear to listen, a shoulder, a hug. Here is the link to Fleet and Family. If you believe in a higher power, pray for those families involved; Or if you are a spiritual person, send some good vibes and light to those that are in need.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A House Divided

Hubby the Bears fan 
Me the Cowboys fan
But somehow we still get along, until our teams play each other of course :)
Happy Sunday Football Funday everybody! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday

My Friday this week feels like a Wednesday. Getting stuck in Virginia an extra day while trying to leave for Texas and then staying an extra day in Corpus really threw off my week. But hey, I'm not complaining. I'm all up for having one weekend right after another! So let's kick off these next few days of freedom with {The 5}. 

  It is starting to feel like Fall. Finally! I wore pants and a long sleeved shirt today. It was fantastic. I didn't feel like I was going through menopause once today. Never did I get the urge to rip off my clothes in public. Yay! It is time to bust out the winter clothes.

I want the entire outfit.  
  Following the fall theme, I got my first PSL this week!!! For non Starbucks lovers, a PSL is a Pumpkin Spice Latte and they are one of the most delicious things to ever grace the face of the earth. Once that Latte becomes available, it is a fast roll into Halloween, Peppermint Mochas and Christmas!!! Ahh, I'm so excited! There were a lot of exclamation points just then, maybe I should lay off the caffeine for a little while. Yep, definite decaff.

  Hubby bought my birthday/anniversary present yesterday and I am D-Y-I-N-G to know what it is. We got married two weeks after my birthday so when he finds really, really good presents they get combined into one big, huge gift. Usually he drops little hints up to my birthday, but not this time. Grrr. I wanna know, but then I want to be surprised! Damn I really wanna know!  

really, really wanna know

  Mine and Hubby's Halloween costumes might have been found courtesy of a great American movie that was on E! today.

You know you love it too! 

   There are Halloween goodies everywhere. Have I mentioned that Halloween is my favorite holiday? Yes I did... but let me show you how much I love it!


These are some of my Pinterest pins!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Boy Behind the Blog

Mal Smiles

I found this link on one of my daily reads, Anchors Away, and I loved the idea. You get to learn a little bit more about the men that stand next to these strong, sometimes crazy, women. (The crazy is for me!)

Full disclosure: Hubby's sense of humor is as dirty as mine. It's bad in the best way. Therefore, this could very well be the first and the last time I ask Hubby to participate :) I love you honey!

1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?  
{Hubby} The majestic cow. Every part is delicious! 
{Me} Yes, my husband would be a cow.  

2. What is your favorite meal?  
{H} Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. They don't require cooking and they are like crack. 
{M} This is what happens when you go away for a few days and your Hubby is left up to his own devices when it comes to feeding himself. 

3. Do you use any forms of social media? What is your favorite? 
{H} Twitter #itweetmyballsoff
{M} I warned you about his humor. (shamefully shakes head) 

4. Beer, wine, liquor, other or none of the above?
{H} I get drunk on the love of my wife...and alcohol. Mostly alcohol. 
{M} Yep, my man delivers again. lol. 

5. Complete the sentence: Never have I ever...
{H} Told three truths and a lie. (insert evil smiley face here) 
{M} Which one was the lie?? 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Workout Wednesday is back for week 2! And after a weekend away all I can say so far is: 

"Damn you delicious Mexican food!"

I love going home, but one of the things that always seems to happen is I never get hungry when I am back home in Texas. I think it is a southern thing. Whenever you hang out with friends or go over to a family member's house, you get fed. You meet up at restaurants and stay there for hours catching up and munching; or you revert to your 5 year old self and plop down on your grandmother's couch after you ate yourself silly and take a nap. Mmmm, nap time is always my favorite part. Dark room, air conditioner blasting and golf on the TV. Sorry I was day dreaming :) Back to my point, you never get hungry when visiting home. You are constantly being fed by everyone and my food of choice is always Mexican food. Yumm. That is the one type of food that is missing here in Norfolk. So yeah you can guess the types of restaurants I always suggest when I get home. My top choices for places to eat back home are places that have names like La Playa, Acapulco and anywhere with the words taqueria, senior, dos, la, los or el in the title. lol. 

So as you can see, I fell off that diet wagon like a watermelon on a bumpy road with an open tailgate. I gained a few pounds back that I lost last week so I am back up to 144lbs. But you know what, I am okay with that. So far, even with the steps back, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Not too shabby. I tried my hardest to portion my food, but I lost it with my water intake. I went from almost a gallon at day to 16 ounces. Whoops and Crap. Whap! Now it is time to kick it into high, high gear and make those lbs. disappear forever. First step, keep my water flowing. Second, portion portion portion. Third, I need to work on my fitness routines. 

I found these on Pinterest and I am looking forward to trying them out at the gym this week.

I will be back with a full report next Wednesday and hopefully a few pounds lighter again :) 

Keep workin' on the fitness! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday

Five on Friday is a huge blog link up that I am participating in for the first time. I love new link ups and blog hops. I get the chance to find new, fun blogs that I probably never would have found otherwise. So here I go with my five for the week :)

Last night I made the best roast chicken of my life. My husband went back to the kitchen for seconds but ended up standing in front of the oven eating off the bone. I love that man.

I'm heading to my home state later today for my best friend in the whole wide world's bridal shower. I'll let you guess which state it is by the picture provided.

I know, it's a tuffy! 
My newest sewing project. I love it! I'm thinking about selling some like it in my Etsy shop.

These babies reminding me that Halloween is right around the corner! I wanna know who their parents are and shake those hands. Mazel tov. You are rocking this parenting thing. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think it is because it is my mother's favorite holiday and it just rubbed off on me. After all, I am named after Samantha from Bewitched. 

My birthday is right around the corner. Two weeks and some change and this chick is a year older. Man, I hope I can live up to my motivational poster that I chose for this year.

My fingers are crossed!