Monday, September 23, 2013

Sad Days

This is the patch of HSC 6 in San Diego. If you aren't associated with the Navy or Military you probably have heard very little, if any, of what has happened. Yesterday, one of their helicopters went down in the Red Sea. Three people were saved but two are still missing. They fly the exact same helicopter that my Hubby flies. It is always scary when something like this happens in his community. You never know if the pilots involved are people that you personally know. This time, Hubby did know one of the pilots that was lost.

This is the hardest part of life as a Navy spouse, as a military spouse. These are the times when questions start popping into your head about the safety of your spouse's job. They are in a dangerous field, but you can push that into the deepest parts of your mind for everyday life. But your imagination can run away with you very easily when times like these hit. Talk about it. Don't keep it in. This is also the time when we as a community come together. We meet up with other military spouses and rely on each other's shared experiences and knowledge. Talk to your spouse about the plans y'all have in place for events like these. The only thing worse then going through something like this, is going through it without a plan.

If you know anyone involved with this tragedy, or you personally where touched by this event and need to talk to someone outside of friends or family, Fleet and Family is there for you. They are there to assist you with anything you could possibly need, an ear to listen, a shoulder, a hug. Here is the link to Fleet and Family. If you believe in a higher power, pray for those families involved; Or if you are a spiritual person, send some good vibes and light to those that are in need.

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