Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOW #3

It is that time of the week again. The soreness I feel in my belly is an excellent indication that I am getting off the couch and onto the floor. I wish that was a hint towards dancing my booty off, but it is not. I did a mean session of Quick Core yesterday and I am hurting now. Grrr, good pain! Happy pain! I am telling you, if you are looking for new at home routines get the DailyBurn app. When I am lazy and don't want to hike it all the way to the gym, I just work it at home. It is fantastic! Just do it, it costs as much as Netflix but it gets you off your tuches.

It has seriously saved me this week. I have been giving myself every excuse in the book to not go to the gym. "It's too far" "Traffic is going to be terrible" "It is so busy this time of day" "I have to get gas first and that's so out of the way" Yep, all of those ran across my mind. So I worked out in my living room instead, and it worked! I am down to 140lbs. Hello 30s I can see you from here and you look super hot :)

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