Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Workout Wednesday is back for week 2! And after a weekend away all I can say so far is: 

"Damn you delicious Mexican food!"

I love going home, but one of the things that always seems to happen is I never get hungry when I am back home in Texas. I think it is a southern thing. Whenever you hang out with friends or go over to a family member's house, you get fed. You meet up at restaurants and stay there for hours catching up and munching; or you revert to your 5 year old self and plop down on your grandmother's couch after you ate yourself silly and take a nap. Mmmm, nap time is always my favorite part. Dark room, air conditioner blasting and golf on the TV. Sorry I was day dreaming :) Back to my point, you never get hungry when visiting home. You are constantly being fed by everyone and my food of choice is always Mexican food. Yumm. That is the one type of food that is missing here in Norfolk. So yeah you can guess the types of restaurants I always suggest when I get home. My top choices for places to eat back home are places that have names like La Playa, Acapulco and anywhere with the words taqueria, senior, dos, la, los or el in the title. lol. 

So as you can see, I fell off that diet wagon like a watermelon on a bumpy road with an open tailgate. I gained a few pounds back that I lost last week so I am back up to 144lbs. But you know what, I am okay with that. So far, even with the steps back, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Not too shabby. I tried my hardest to portion my food, but I lost it with my water intake. I went from almost a gallon at day to 16 ounces. Whoops and Crap. Whap! Now it is time to kick it into high, high gear and make those lbs. disappear forever. First step, keep my water flowing. Second, portion portion portion. Third, I need to work on my fitness routines. 

I found these on Pinterest and I am looking forward to trying them out at the gym this week.

I will be back with a full report next Wednesday and hopefully a few pounds lighter again :) 

Keep workin' on the fitness! 

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