Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Navy Traditions, Yay!

And this one was for the wives. You never need a reason to hang out with friends, but last night's was a really good reason. It was time for the cow party! 

I am not sure if this tradition is mainly in the helo/jet/prop flight community or if it is Navy wide but it is one of my favorites. This party was all for the commanding officer of the squadron's wife Heather. Get it? Commanding Officer's Wife...COW! It's just like the military to shorten everything and even have an acronym for a wive's party. lol. But it gives us an adorable theme to work with that's for sure! Every 14 or 15 months the squadron receives a new commanding officer (CO) and executive officer (XO); basically the new number 1 and 2 guys. The pomp and circumstance that goes with it is called the change of command ceremony and it is fabulous. So much patriotism and tradition. I loved it. Check out the helicopter! My man flies those :)

After all the hoopla on the official side is over, it is our turn to treat the wife that has been traveling on that crazy road to CO-dom with her man. Yummy food, tasty drinks and silly moo moo themed gifts. I gave Heather a bottle of chocolate wine by How Now Brown Cow. If you have ever wondered what chocolate milk that could give you a buzz would taste like. I can tell you, it tastes delicious. No strong alcohol taste like with liquor based chocolate milk like drinks. Yuck. This one is just 'ole fashioned good. Yum. I hope she likes it. The other gifts were just adorable too. A few of my favorites were a squirt gun shaped like a cow (guess where the water shot out of lol), a subscription to Cowboy magazine and cow salt and pepper shakers, which are perfect because she collects S&P shakers! And no one can forget the squadron cow planter. 

Isn't she adorable. Her name is Bessy of course. She's about two feet tall by two and half feet long and she holds your flowers. She was darling. Bessy gets passed from CO wife to CO wife and always has a place of honor in the new home. Caroline had her right on the front porch the entire time her husband was the CO. Heather said she was going to go right on her front porch no matter what her husband says. lol. I think we are going to do a wives green light one night to check up on Bessy and have a little party at Heather's house. 

These are the things that I love the most about the wives' side of the squadron. We have fun together. We meet up about once every few months for official fun at squadron events and then we have our wives nights. We go over to one of the ladies' houses or try out a new restaurant or something even more out of the ordinary. In August we are all going to go stand-up paddle boarding! I love my OSC group of gals. I have heard horror stories of cliquey groups and business only clubs. I am so grateful that that is not us at all. We definitely welcome everyone and we definitely have fun. We even have some ladies who's husbands are no longer with the squadron that come to the parties! I always encourage the new wives, girlfriends and event try to get the few husbands to come and check us out. We could always use some new blood :) Maybe we'll see some new faces at the July outing. You never know! 

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  1. Hey! Question - Is it customary that everyone brings a gift? And is the gift always cow themed? My husband is an intelligence officer and I don't really know any of the officer spouses - other than they're all pilots wives. This is our first time in a squadron and it's been quite the learning curve. Thanks!


    1. Yeah everyone brings a little something and they are all in some way cow themed. It can be as cute as a cow ornament for the Christmas tree or as silly as cow hide print pot holders. Have fun with your new squadron, you'll love it!