Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That was one long weekend...

A long, long, long weekend! But a fun, fun, fun weekend. Lots of pictures were taken and that is precisely what this entry is going to be composed of. Pictures galore, so let's begin!

Friday, Hail and Farewell

These are pictures from the hailing and farewelling (I know, not a word) portion of the night. It is a marvelous tradition. You get to meet the new guys and gals that you'll be seeing for the next few years. And you might even make a really great friend. The farewells on the other hand are not as much fun. While it is a chance to have a little party with the ones you grew to know and love, in a lot of cases, this might be the last time you see them. It is a little bit bitter-sweet, but still a good time to be had.    

Kenny loves bowling. 

Yep, the Hail and Farewell was at a bowling alley. I hadn't been in one of those since Midnight Bowling in the seventh grade at Saratoga Lanes in the good 'ole CC, TX. But don't worry, the party didn't end there. 

Oh yeah, dance dance dance dance! We hit a club! Yes, those are glow sticks in that gentleman's hand....and you know what....he rocked those things better then an 18 year old kid with a pacifier in his mouth grooving to Sandstorm in 1999. 

Saturday, 37th Annual Harborfest

They have everything at this festival: Craft beer, concerts, bad-for-you-but-delicious-food, shopping, fireworks and BOATS!

Lots and lots of boats! 

The detail on some of these boats was awe inspiring. The color and intricate carvings on this one from Delaware made everyone that walked by stop and take a picture or two. 

Hubby being an American. 'Murica!

Can't forget about the weird "mermaid" display that some pirates had. I just felt sorry for the girl in the tank that had to swim in circles and make Flipper noises. But she did look like she loved it! 

This delicious place was at the festival. Mine was a Peanut Butter Cup cupcake. Yumm. 

Then we hopped on the water taxi to Portsmouth. I know, I know. We can never just stay in one place.

Yay, Bier Garden! Hundreds of Beers to chose from, literally.  

Yay, Still! Moscow Mule for Moi. 

Then back to Norfolk we went for the fireworks!

We had a really good view. 

Oooo, Aaahh, That's my favorite! 

Yes, I was a little tipsy by the end of the day. I had a damn good time :) 

Sunday, Williamsburg 
I have no idea what in the hell we were on that let us have enough energy to hit the road with the puppy the next day, but I want it more often. 

We had a little lunch at Dog Street Pub in Merchant's Square. It is mouthwatering good food. They even made a little something for Luna for lunch and kept bringing her ice water since it was 90 degrees out and the poor baby has black hair that insulates better then any wool I have ever found. A walk through the historic area followed lunch and Luna didn't get into one single brawl this time! She's improving on that puppy brain of hers. I couldn't be prouder. 

And that was our weekend! No wonder I have been putting this one off since Sunday. I just got my energy back. Wow, that yoga yesterday really did work to 'center' me. Or maybe it was the Strawberry Abita Beer and cookie cake I made during the thunderstorm last night :) Whatever, it worked!    

Until next time! 

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! That cupcake looks divine! (Clearly I have the mid afternoon munchies over here ;))