Thursday, August 1, 2013

Glider Chair Re-do

My most recent project is complete, and I wish I could keep it. I love the way it turned out

Before and After!
I made this beauty for my friend Katie, a fellow Navy wife. My Hubby and her hubby were in the same squadron. Both Katie and her husband went to Auburn and the school's colors were the inspiration for their soon-to-be-born son's nursery. He is going to be the biggest little Auburn fan! I can't wait to see a photo of him sitting in the chair in a little jersey. Oh so cute.  

The project actually went pretty fast. The sewing got a little interesting at times, especially when it came down to those arm covers. But on an Easy to Expert scale, I'd say overall it was a moderate sewing project. I didn't take step by step pictures this time because I was learning as I went along and totally forgot. I know, I know, I am a bad crafter sometimes. I'm sorry. But I did take a few pics along the way and I will offer some tips if you plan on tackling a glider chair re-do yourself!
  • I re-did the back and bottom cushions in a "ravioli" fashion. (I don't believe that is a real sewing term but it makes sense when you do it)  Instead of having the seams run across the middle of the cushions they run flat along the bottom, like a ravioli. It works well for geometric patterns that are easy to misalign.   
  • Buy Fray Check. Trust me. If you don't have it already it is one of the best things to have just to cover all your bases with fabrics that will be handled often. i.e. The ties. 
  • I couldn't find snaps that worked with the ones built into the chair and trust me I panicked for a few days. Instead I improvised and added ties to the arm cushions instead. The ties are just orange heavy fabric that I found and turned into bias tape. The same goes for the back and bottom cushions as well, but in the original fabric. 

  • The buttons are the same fabric from the orange ties and a craft button kit. They were the simplest part of the whole project and I have tons of leftovers to play with. Yay :) 
  • The arm covers for me were the trickiest part. I wasn't sure how to go about the layers and the pocket until I dissected one of them. Don't be afraid to rip something up. A lot of times, when it comes to sewing crafts, you won't completely understand how something is done until you take it apart. Go for it! No fear! You're going to sew it (or something better) back up anyway :) 

Ta-Da! Here it is all finished. I love this one. It is probably my favorite craft I have done so far. I think I will keep my ear on the ground for a glider of my own. Baby shmaby, they are comfy. And I like comfy. 

Until next time...

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