Sunday, August 25, 2013

The wait is over

We are going to the land of white sand beaches, Blue Angels and Emmitt Smith. We are going to...


Yay! Yay! I am so excited! I loved living in Pensacola. We were there when Hubby was in flight school a few years ago and it was a blast and a half. Out of all the possible options for us to go to next, Pensacola reminds me of home the most. 20 minutes to the beach, small town feel and southern hospitality. Not to mention we are 3 hours from New Orleans (Can you say Mardi Gras!?) and a mere 6 hours from our beloved Walt Disney World! 

Ahhh. I am relaxed. I feel like I can breath easy again. Limbo is over. Granted we still have a few major holidays here, it feels nice to just know. No more wondering or worrying about the next step. It is decided and we are thrilled. Now we get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the time we have here in Norfolk. I'm thinking of making a Hampton Roads Bucket List of all the things we haven't done that we need to do before we hit the road. 

:) P. Cola here we almost come!     


  1. Ahhh congratulations!! My husband and I absolutely LOVED Pensacola! It's an amazing place to live! So excited for you!!


    1. Thanks! We can't wait to go. I've already started looking at houses to buy :) I feel like I'm getting stir crazy already.