Saturday, August 17, 2013


I am homesick. I miss Texas. Hubby is on a boat right now, so automatically, the homesickness sets in. It doesn't matter how short or long he takes off for, that "wanna go home" feeling always kicks in. When he's not here, my Home Radar switches to Texas. I'm still not sure what I miss the most when I get homesick. Is it the family? Of course, what am I some kind of animal? Mommy and Daddy, I love yall! My friends? Yeah I always miss them; Katie Pap, I love you best friend :) Or maybe it is the fact that my home state is Texas. It is one of the best places that has ever existed. Just listen to the State Song. 

Yeah, I know, it's a heavy song. But good huh? I think I miss the whole package of everything that is in Texas. My family, my friends, my hometown and Texas itself. It might be time to hop on a plane for a short trip, but I will wait for Hubby to get back. What I would love to do is take a road trip. Not to Texas but in it. If you have ever driven from El Paso to Orange you know that just getting out of this great state is a task and a half! I wanna shove Hubby with me and some friends and burn up I35, I10, maybe some farm roads and just explore.

I wanna see all of the places in this song that I have never seen before. It is time for a new adventure, and I want a Texas adventure.

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