Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby Day and Navy Waiting Game

Today, I spent the whole afternoon with my friend Audora at her gorgeous house with all of her adorable little rugrats. She has a set of the cutest little strawberry-blonde twin girls in the world, and their carrot topped big bro is a little cutie pie. I love going over to her house to hang out and have a little girl time in the middle of the day. With Hubby back on a boat for a little while, it is really nice to have girlfriends that you can drop in on for a chat. We spent the better part of five hours gabbing away, organizing sewing dates, and playing with babies of course. I love when they just sit on your lap and relax in your arms. No muss no fuss, just hanging out; But playful babies are by far the best babies! Tossing them in the air and hearing the giggles always makes me giggle too. Baby laughs are so contagious. She keeps on asking when I'm going to have some babies of my own, but that is on hold until we find out our new orders. Her hubby actually just left the squadron that my Hubby is in, but they get to stay in our beloved Norfolk for the next duty station. No potential cross country move for her family, no sir-e-bob. Boy, are they lucky. Can you imagine moving your whole house and three kids under 2 across this great nation of ours? Nope, I can't. But I know it is coming, that one fine day where we are going to move with kids in tow, but I am far from looking forward to it. But we are up for orders soon and I would love to know where we are heading. Like Right Now! 

 Hubby and I are currently in "relocation limbo". It can only be defined that way. You have no idea where you are going next but you know you are going somewhere. It is not a fun place to be. This is always the most nerve racking/frustrating part of our lifestyle. We have absolutely no idea where we are going next. We could stay right here and keep on living in our home, with our pup and our friends in our town that we know backwards and forwards. Or, we could end up across the country in a new city, with a new house and new friends to find. It is truly making me anxious. The waiting is the worst part.

But this is where the saying comes from: Home is where the Navy sends us. And never is it more true then the in between stage. You may be between duty stations but no matter where you go, you know that your home is not a physical location. It is where your family is, where your spouse is, where you relax and are just you. Home is not a house or an apartment or a particular city but where yall are together. And I can't wait to find out where our little family is going next. The next place we get to call Home together.

Until next time :)  

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