Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Never Ever Ever

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Time for another Never Ever Ever post. Whoop whoop the week's half over!
Never Ever Ever will I:
  • Be a "clean" person. I tried to keep the house clean while Hubby was gone this time, but I lost that battle real quick. Like two days after he left. Instead of picking up a few things and washing a couple of dishes before he comes home it is going to be a full on tornado of cleaning. Ugh. 

  • Stop sewing. Seriously. I know I said that last time, but today I finished the flight suit bag I have been working on and I absolutely l-o-v-e it! It will make a great diaper bag one day :) 
    Old patches I found lying around

  • Watch the VMAs again unless it is for a reunion of a band from my childhood. If the Spice girls hit the stage again like they did during the London Olympics you know I will be glued to my TV. Without the promise of a flash back, I think I am officially too old for that crap. I mean, awkward boy band dialogue, people winning that I have no idea what their names are and Hannah Montana disturbingly grinding on teddy bears, foam fingers and Robin Thicke. Hopefully one day we can all forget that.

I think we all felt the exact same way you did Taylor. Oh yes, I am sure of it. 

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