Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Wedding Season!

Forget June weddings, it is all about Fall. I love it. October was my wedding month and I am so happy that my bestest friend Katie and her hubby Carlos decided it was the month for them too! Katie and I have been friends since we were 12 years old. She has been another sister to me. We have been through so many life events together. School, jobs, boys, just growing up into the women we are now. Katie was my Maid of Honor and now it was my turn to be her Matron of Honor. I was beyond honored to be there for her on her big day. 

Let's start the weekend recap with a long photo blog day. So grab a glass of wine and get comfy. 

Rehearsal Day!

Those babes are some of the bridesmaids. That's Alisa, Gina, Jade, Me, the Bride and Nicole. We all grew up together. We have all known each other for over 15 years now, some of us are going on 20. I love those girls.


  Look at that adorable couple. They are beyond perfect for each other. Just look at their engagement announcement! 

So freaking adorable! 
After our walks down the training aisle it was dinner time. Yumm! After this dinner, I am recommending Luciano's in CC to anyone who needs a good restaurant. It is not a chain place, it is owned and operated by local people and it is damn good Italian food. Just go!  

The fam and friends 
The Bride and her Maids
Check out that tiara I found for the rehearsal. It says Bride on it and it is not all Pretty, Pretty Princess looking. Francesca's people : ) 

The one picture of me and Hubby that night :) 


And you know what comes before the ceremony, the morning of prep! And by that I mean, lots and lots of big Texas hair and makeup!

This sign was at V Bar along with a nice spread of water, fruit and of course champagne. I was the designated bartender for the afternoon of beauty, hey it's what I do best! 

Gorgeous bride and her Mama 
The Beautiful Bride and all of her Maids + one Matron
It wasn't until we put the veil on Katie that it all became real. I admit there were some tears in more then one person's eyes when Katie put it on. I was one of them. You can't help but just feel so overwhelmingly happy when you see your best friend so happy that she starts crying. Katie is not much of a crier, but there were so many emotions swirling around. It was the day she would be marrying her soul mate and it all just hit her. They were the happiest tears. But before we all ruined our makeup, we hit the road and headed to the wedding venue. 

Ceremony Time! 


I was already crying at this point

Oh the happy tears that were shed. It was a beautiful ceremony. So full of love and happiness. Just the way Katie and Carlos wanted it. Perfection :) 
As soon as the ceremony ended it was celebration time! 


Yes that is a groom's cake in the shape of a skateboard. Remember the engagement picture? lol

First dance 
I was a nervous wreck before giving my speech, I could feel my pulse elevating while the best man was delivering his speech. But my speech turned out better then I thought it would; I even drew a tear or two from the groom.

I love Hubby in a suit.


My BFF and her Hubby are awesome people! Matching shoes, who does that? Katie and Carlos do, that's who! lol 

 They were always meant to be. Congratulations friends! I can't wait until I get promoted from Friend to Auntie!  

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