Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Ever Ever Linkup

The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

Long week, lots to do, and a few never-evers that I will really never do again! 

Never Ever Ever will I...

   Buy anything important through a distributor that is not physically were I am. Drama, drama, drama! I have been waiting for 3 months for a rush ordered dress that was supposed to be hanging in my closet 4 weeks ago! Grrr I am so angry! So many emails and phone calls and all I know so far is, "Hopefully I'll have it in my hands by Friday, so you'll have it by Tuesday." I knew I shouldn't have paid extra for the rush. But it could be worse, I am so glad the dress doesn't look like the ones below!

Their faces are blurred for a reason! Yikes!
   Count my "sports chickens" before they are hatched. It was a really, really good game, but it still stung when the 'Boys lost. I'm pretty sure it is because I didn't wear blue and white. Dang it!    


   Rag on buying in bulk. Me and Hubby went by Sam's and got 2 lbs. of beef for stew for $13. Hubby said it was the best stew he had ever had. (The secret is Guinness and Red Wine!)

   Be completely organized. I try and every time, and it never works. Ugh. I still have A LOT to do this week and I am freaking out! Tomorrow is mine and Hubby's three year anniversary (I have to sneak-wrap his present tonight while he's at work), we have tons of plans to make for trips and engagement parties and weddings and finally, this weekend we have the Helicopter Ball. I gotta get ready for some formal fun : )  


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