Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

All Hallows' Eve is today. My favorite holiday. The history, the legends, the heritage behind today. I know I love this holiday so much because it is my mother's favorite holiday. But I also think I love it so much because I grew up in a large Mexican population and we were taught about Dia de los Muertos along with Halloween. It's not supposed to be scary, but a celebration of life while remembering the loved ones that have crossed over. That is why you have fun. You decorate the graveyards, put on costumes, have festivals, dance, and offer food to everyone. 


I love the heritage and tradition behind my favorite holiday. While I won't get to participate in the cultural side of it this year, I hope me and Hubby can pull together some last minute costumes and make it out tonight. Check out what we did last year:


Halloween during the week makes dressing up and going out a little tricky but we still did it! My friend Christine was a flapper and I still want the hat that she wore that night. I was a vampire/Elvira/Morticia Addams hybrid. Hubby dressed up as a Distinguished Yachtsman. It was literally what he wore to a Dining Out for his squadron the month before. They never grow up I tell ya. The whole outfit was complete with a glass of scotch and a pipe. Dressing up is not just a human thing, oh no. Even Luna is getting into the spirit! 

My little pumpkin :) And yes, those are Halloween puppy PJs with candy corn and treats in the skeleton. Adorable. 

Happy Halloween Everyone! 


  1. I just had to stop by and say that I absolutely LOVE that you linked-up with your sweet pup wearing precious Halloween jams. Seriously - this made my day!!! :)