Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday {6}

Yay, first post of the week! 

I am a slacker. A big one. But it is time to link up with The Good LifeCarolina CharmA. Lizz Adventures and Hello! Happiness for another fantastic addition of {5} So with this being my first update of the week, I shall make it about all of the fun stuff that has happened this past week and weekend. I hope I can fill it all in in five spaces. 

   Halloween was a nice, mellow night in our house this year. Since we don't get trick-or-treaters at our house, Hubby and I put on some last minute costumes and went to the Chipotle down the road for their costume discount! Yeah, mellow. And our costumes...bah....high school shirts, a tiara, a crown and letterman jackets. I had to dig through some boxes and a few closets to find everything but it worked! Who says you need to shell out 50 bucks for a crap costume you will never wear again? On the contrary, thanks mom for buying my letterman sophomore year. It's still getting its money's worth!   

   Halloween was the debut of the costume I made for my friend Katie's son. Here is the finished product. Ta Da!

Little marshmallow man! So stinkin' cute! His little smile is what kills me the most. He was so happy in the body pillow fluff thing that I made, that he fell asleep sitting up with a smile on his little face. His mom and I were laughing for about 5 minutes straight when we put it on him.  

   The weekend after Halloween was a travel filled one for Hubby and I. Friday night we went up to DC for a Navy Ball/ Marine Corp Birthday Ball at his alma mater G.W. Thankfully it wasn't just he and I at the party. Our friends Kenny, Bob and Adam, who also graduated from George Washington, made it to the military festivities. It was weird being the "old ones" at the dinner. And when the dancing portion started, yeah, we high tailed it out of there and went to the first bar we could find. 

Yes, we were looking for the perfect place :) 
Hubby and I decided that night, that we are waaay past college fun. When the youngest person at the party was born in 1996 you can't help but feel old and immediately want a glass of scotch that is older then them just to prove a point!    

   Saturday was another day of travel, this time to Philadelphia for our friends Tim and Marisa's engagement party. It was good party at the City Tavern in Old Town Philly. Great food, even better company and John Adams even made an appearance with some great pearls to give the new couple about marriage. 

That's Tim giving his speech and his adorable fiance Marisa. 

Tim is mildly obsessed with John Adams so his appearance was very appropriate.

My little cutie Audrey was there! And naturally, we had to take a couple selfie. I think it turned out pretty good

   This week was full of Thanksgiving preparation purchases. Plates and serving bowls. Silverware and gravy boats. All of things that people told me to not bother registering for I suddenly needed and kicked myself for not putting on my wedding wish list. This is my first Thanksgiving away from my family so naturally that means it is the first one were I am in charge of ALL food preparation. I am trying to make it as idiot proof as possible; hence the pie tan ring and turkey pop timer. But I have a feeling that the oven rack is going to be my new favorite kitchen tool. You cannot beat doubling your oven space! 

Now all that is left is making a menu and giving a few new recipes a trial run. I am sure Hubby will not mind being my taste tester. 

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