Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday {7}

Let's wrap up the week in style people. 

   The Test Kitchen a la Sam is going off splendidly. Turkey, check. Green beans, nah. Next up on the chopping block, pumpkin pie. Hubby has been looking forward to this one all week. It will really feel like Autumn when the smell of baking pie is filling our apartment. Mmmm.

I want a guarantee it will look like this when it's done
   Half of November is gone! Can you believe it? I feel like every year goes by a little bit faster. It is almost time to switch to full on Christmas mode. Gifts, trees, lights and wreaths will soon be on my agenda, and I love it!

Our mantle last year :) 

My favorite new ornament from the OSC exchange
   Speaking of Saint Nick, Hubby and I decided to make this year's holiday trek by car. Virginia to Florida, Florida to Texas, Texas to Arizona, and all the way back. It will either be a huge success or an epic failure. I hope it is not the later. Did I mention we are taking Luna with us? Yep. We're gluttons for possible punishment :)

   My New Shirt! I bought this baby yesterday from Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. I love it! Totally my sense of humor. I hope it comes in soon so I can wear it around and feel like a blogging bad ass :) If you haven't been by her site, go now. Right now! She is beyond hilarious and honest. Trust me, you'll love her by the time you get to the second paragraph.

   As soon as I hit publish I am heading to Target for a well deserved bit of retail therapy. Why you may ask? Why not!? lol

Until manana...


  1. Okay, your mantel last year was perfection. Can you come over and decorate mine please?!

    1. Thank you so much! It was my pride and joy last Christmas :) Hopefully I can replicate it again this year.