Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday {8}

Good morning everyone. It's Friday again! Let's all take a moment and be very grateful that the weekend is upon us :) Despite the fact that I get the pleasure of spending a few hours in a doctors office later today, this week has been a really good one. I actually put my procrastination Sammy side away for a bit and worked on a few things that easily could have been pushed back by my astonishingly excellent ability to procrastinate.

   First thing's first. My blog is completely different and I absolutely love it! I have been wanting to re-do it for a while but I always convinced myself to put it on the back burner. This Wednesday I finally sat down and just did it. And I could kick myself for waiting so long. It is perfect. I am one happy lady.

   I actually got some Christmas shopping done. Shocking! I am the consummate professional when it comes to week-of-Christmas shopping. Oh yeah. I brave those stores and weave my way around people, carts and strollers in the mall. I am good at it too! But this year a friend invited me to an open house she hosted at her lovely home and I could not think of a better way to scratch a few gifts off of my list. There were consultants for Pampered Chef, Thirty One and Stella and Dot there! You know there are some lucky ladies getting gifts from "think ahead Sammy" this year. I also might have finished off my kitchen wish list along with some new selections from Scentsy. It was a really good day :) 

Oh Stella and Dot how I love you

   I have decided on my final menu for Thanksgiving and I think I have my over all color theme done too. The test kitchen is now closed and I have learned a few very important things along the way: It is a lot cheaper to purchase a ready made Pecan Pie then to make your own and bacon will make anything taste phenomenal. Burlap, gold, white, and maroon are my colors this year. Along with candles and pinecones for the festive feeling. I hope it feels as cozy as I imagine it will.

I love the warmth
   Our guests for Thanksgiving arrived last night. My mother in law Linda and brother in law Steve trekked cross country to spend the holiday with Hubby and I. This will be the first holiday we will host in our home for anyone. Of course I am nervous about everything turning out alright and everyone having a good time, but really I am looking forward to spending a little girl time with Linda in the kitchen. I want some of her cooking secrets.

Winging Day Family Photo

   I am thinking of making Christmas Cards this year. Hubby and I have only spent one Christmas together in our married life. The past two years he was deployed for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will be on the same side of the world this year and we could even take a photo for the card! Maybe I'll toss the dog in there wearing a Santa hat. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.


  1. I vote Luna with a Santa hat!!! :)

    1. Agreed. I think she would look adorable and ridiculous at the same time. How can I pass up a moment like that!? haha