Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh... Christmas Tree!

It is almost time for the Christmas decorations to make their way out of the garage & closets and up onto the walls. Growing up, we would always hold off on displaying the decorations that scream "Christmas is here!" until Thanksgiving weekend. Those were the four days when we put up trees, yes is in multiple, and really get into the spirit. We take Christmas Decorations very seriously in my family. Just look at my Mother's front door last year:

Pinterest worthy!

My mom was always the one who made sure everything was decorated for the holidays when we were little. Now that me and my three sisters are older, we help her decorate the house each year when we are in town. Every year, each sister gets her box of ornaments that have been collected over her lifetime and we go to town dressing the big foyer Tree. And yes we play so much Christmas music while decorating it would make your ears bleed. A Rosie Christmas album to be exact! Yeah, I know, judge away. You have total and complete permission to with that admission. 

Now that I have my own home, I will carry on the decorating tradition. It only feels like the Holidays to me when you can see it all around your home. I love having the tree being the only source of light in the living room. Smelling the Pine/Fir scent is what takes me back to being 5 years old and running down the stairs to see what Santa left me. That little bit of magic comes back when I have my house set up like a wonderland of Christmas goodness. 

This year I have decided to decorate not only the inside of our home but the outside too. But it is a little tricky to deck out this house. We live in a town home. No front yard, porch or accessible roof to hang any lights or garland from at all. Tricky. But I did find this picture and it inspired me with what to do this year.   

I love the wreaths on this house so much I can't stand it. It is the perfect way to put a little holiday cheer on the outside of my flat, flat house. We have the perfect windows that open not only from the bottom, but also the top. So I can just rig it from the inside of the house, instead of needing a four story ladder to secure it to the outside of the window pane. I am so excited to begin this project. Be sure to check back for some Christmas decor updating in the coming days. It will be a decorating party just like when I was little, but without the Rosie songs this time :)

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