Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's the final countdown

It's the fourth quarter. Bottom of the ninth inning. The second half. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Let the preparation commence!

I have been making almost daily trips to the grocery store to make sure I had everything on my lists and what happened? I forgot butter and whipped cream. Butter! Who forgets butter for a dinner? And whipped cream! Who forgets the most important part of the dessert? You can have an absolutely terrible pie, but if you blanket that thing with whipped cream, yum. Yeesh. I gotta get my head in the game. Crunch time. I can do this!  Good luck everybody! We will rock this Thanksgiving and force our families to eat turkey sandwiches for days afterward. Why? Because we said so!!


  1. I am still trying to track down cooking twine to tie up my bird with. I have one last hope to find it today or I'm going to plan B. using these pins from keep it together.

    1. I found my cooking twine for tomorrow at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I've seen it at Wal Mart in the kitchen gadget/knick knack section. Good Luck!