Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Results of the Turkey Trial

Sweet success! Rotisserie style turkey was on the table last night and it was delicious. Crispy skin, juicy meat. Yumm. It might look a little iffy, but I plan on carving that baby up and serving it on a platter all nice and pre-sliced. So it does not matter how ugly it looks, as long as it tastes good. If Martha Stewart does it that way, I can too.

Thanks for the inspiration Martha 
I don't want our little family to get too overloaded with Turkey before the big day so I'm thinking about keeping some for lunches and freezing the rest. Cooked turkey can last for up to 6 months in the freezer! I have found a decent amount of after T-Day turkey recipes that use the leftover meat for things other then sandwiches. My guess is we will be eating turkey until Christmas and possibly even into the new year!  

With last night's trail run going so great, I moving on down the test kitchen list to some lovely veggies. Green Beans to be exact. Now...this one will be a bit tricky. Hubby does not like green beans. He barely likes any vegetables that aren't lettuce. He can eat a mean salad but broccoli and carrots, forget about it. So my goal with this recipe is for him to eat them all without my constant encouragement to eat them. :)

 I found this Rachel Ray recipe and I am dying to try it. It has bacon in it! What is more manly then Meat Candy aka Bacon? Hopefully it is as big of a success as the turkey was. I would love to cross another thing off of my T-Day worry list. Yes I would. The results will be up tomorrow!

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