Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hello Again

Well, it looks like I missed the month of April. I'm sorry y'all. So much has been going on in our home these past few weeks, and I could not find the energy to get off of the couch let alone open my computer. And now I can finally share with y'all the reason I have been extremely M.I.A or A.W.O.L. (for my military mamas out there).

We are pregnant!

One of my sisters had the best description for Luna's less then enthused face in this picture: #oldersisterproblems. Although she would not smile for the cameras that day, I know she is happy about the baby. She snuggles with me a lot more often now and will rest her head on my belly when she naps. It melts my nauseous heart every time she does that. So cute. She'll be a great playmate and watch dog to the baby.

And now, the last thirteen weeks make perfect sense to me! Now I know why I had a constant stuffy nose and was comatose for most of that time. And I can't forget the morning sickness that literally lasted all day up until last week. Now I only get sick if I wait too long to eat or sleep too much. No more long naps for me! I am thoroughly convinced that the only reason I am alive today is because of Gatorade and Whataburger french fries. Thank you Lord in heaven for Harmon Dobson & Paul Burton (the guys who started Whataburger) and to the University of Florida's research team all those years ago who found a fantastic way to hydrate their athletes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

So now, we are on the way into the second trimester and I am feeling more and more like my old self again. My appetite is back, I am wearing more then just Hubby's shirts and pajamas, and my energy is slowly coming back. I no longer need a two to three hour long nap in the middle of the day just to stay up until my 10 pm bed time. Man could I sleep. I was clocking 16 hours of sleep a day at one point. When I did the math I felt beyond ridiculous, but I literally could not keep my eyes open. It's amazing how a little zygote can make you feel so exhausted. (And we are no where near the midnight feeding/diaper duty type of exhaustion) 

So now you know what I have been up to during my time away. I was starting to bake a tiny human! This is one adventure that I still cannot believe we started. It feels surreal. So I am going to need lots of help, words of advice, and an all-you-really-need-registry guide. I am counting on y'all out there to give me some pearls of wisdom! Mamas helping mamas :) 



  1. Huge congratulations!!!! So excited for you!!


    1. Thank you so much! I can't believe we are actually pregnant let alone the fact that I get to keep my husband in the States with me for the whole pregnancy. I love feeling like we outsmarted the Navy a bit :)