Thursday, March 6, 2014

4 Years and Loving It

My gorgeous marriage-aversary flowers. 
Yesterday was our 4 year marriage anniversary! I cannot believe four years have gone by already. They literally flew by, granted one of those years we weren't on the same continent. But even then, it doesn't feel like three years have gone by. Too fast, too fast.

Before I move on I should explain "marriage-aversary". It is not uncommon in the military to get married before you Get Married. We actually got married in the Court House in Milton, Florida before our big wedding that was later that year in Texas. The Paper Wedding. Get it? lol. It makes moving, insurance, doctor's appointments, base access, everything a whole lot easier (or even possible) when you are married to your military man. We decided to do a paper wedding when we found out we were moving from Florida to Virginia before our wedding date. I did not want to take the chance of him being shipped off before we were married and I would be left in information limbo during an entire deployment.

Lucky for us, Hubby didn't get shipped off for almost an entire year after we arrived in Virginia. Whew. But I did not regret getting married before the wedding, not even a little. It was this fantastic secret we had just between the two of us. I loved calling him my husband behind closed doors and my fiance to everyone else. Now we celebrate the day we became secret Husband and Wife as our marriage-aversary. I love that man more every day we spend together and even more when we are apart; because that is when you truly realize how much you love someone.

Thank you US Navy for teaching me that! (only minorly sarcastic)