Monday, March 3, 2014

A Weekend of Chicken, Flowers, and Beer

It sounds a little odd, but those were our highlights of the weekend. Chicken and flowers and beer! Saturday and Sunday were some of the most beautiful days we have had in Pensacola so far. It had been chilly on and off all week so I never had the chance to start my biggest project in the new house. A garden. I have always wanted a garden, but apartment living doesn't exactly align itself with open spaces to dig up some ground. Now that I finally have a patch of grass to call my own, I dug it up and planted some gorgeous goodies!

Thankfully, whoever lived here before us did attempt a garden at some point so there was a nice sectioned off spot in the front yard just begging for some beauty. Naturally I obliged :)

The soil was surprisingly in really great condition but there were a few surprises hiding below the top layer, like fake flower bits! I kept on finding fabric leaves and yellow silk petals while I was digging in the dirt. I think someone took the easy way out a few years ago when it came to pretty-ing up the front of the house. lol. I love it.  But now the garden is a real garden again with dainthus and japanese snowball seedlings that are hopefully growing some strong roots. The little flower bed is fast becoming one of my favorite places in the house. Now all I need are two rocking chairs and I will finally have my southern bell front porch.

My fresh little garden wasn't the only good thing to happen this weekend, oh no. Check out Doug: 

That's Doug the chicken. Yes, we name our food. What can I say: We are weird, weird people. Hubby beer-can BBQ'd on Saturday night and it was a huge success. Just look at how golden it is! Yum. I cannot BBQ. I have tried and it always turns out blah. Since I am not the grill master in the family, I do not know what the exact recipe is that Hubby follows, but {this one} is the closest in time and temp to make that gorgeous chicken. Honestly, the only thing I contributed to this recipe was the stand.  

Williams-Sonoma. 29 bucks. Can't go wrong. I can seriously get used Hubby using the grill as often as possible this summer. And cooking with fire wasn't the only thing he did this weekend. Oh no. He made beer. He finally broke open his Christmas present and made beer.

One of my guest bathrooms is a brewery for the next few weeks but I cannot wait to sample the end result.


  1. That is way to hilarious that you found fake flower parts in your flower bed! lol. Busted.

    1. I know! I wish I could have seen a picture of them or something before I found the remains. lol. Poor little guys didn't stand a chance. Finding them kept a smile on my face while I was covered in dirt and mulch!