Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recipe Day

For some reason, when I get over an illness, I want the wildest food combinations. Enchiladas and General Tso Chicken. Yum. French fries and Pancakes. Nothing like carbo-loading. This time it was Fish Tacos and Bruschetta. I know... I am weird. Don't worry I don't combine them or anything like that. I just like a wide range of flavors when I can finally taste again.

I love bruschetta. This recipe is as simple as it gets. No ovens to heat up an already toasty summer kitchen, and minimal stove use. This recipe makes about 4-6 large slices, enough for a very filling snack for 2 or lunch for 1. 

Yum. Fish. I wanted to fry this up so bad but I am attempting better eating habits so baking really is the best. The pico in the recipe is more of a lime pico. Definitely for lighter foods like fish and shrimp. If you want to add some kick to it, add in the jalapeno without the seeds. For even more of a bite, keep the seeds. Remember, you can add whatever want to jazz it up or take out anything that isn't to your taste. Just make it yours and make it delicious!

 Just look at these beauties:

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