Friday, January 23, 2015

It is Friday

Well my little one is nearly four months old and is sick for the very first time. She is fighting a mean, mean bug that has been passed from my husband, to me, and now to her. Poor little babe. All she has done the past five days is sleep, eat, and go to the doctor; the first appointment was for me and the second was for her. If you've ever had a sick baby you know that there are only a few things docs can give or do unless the babes have been sick for the better part of a month or have a super high fever. I hate the idea of having to wait for it to get worse to be treated or on the flip side, get better and have my healthy lovey back. She does not feel like playing much but we have gotten a few smiles every here and there. The smiles and extra snuggles are the only happy moments of sickness. This has been my first experience in worried mommy mode and I am trying to be as on top of this as possible. So this 5 on Friday is on some very key items that are true godsends and are not only helping getting my Lizzie back to healthy but keep my sanity as well!

   The Ollie Swaddle. I cannot praise this invention enough. It is the only reason my girl is sleeping at night. I love this thing so much. God bless this little piece of fabric and the magic that is in it!

{Two & Three}
   Little Remedies Saline. A few drops in each teeny, tiny nostril and then you aspirate the hell out of 'em with the NoseFrida until your little angel stops sounding like Harvey Fierstein with the sniffles : )

   The mamaRoo. I'm pretty sure Lizzie would sleep all day in this swing if I let her. She cannot breath lying down right now, so a slightly upright position it is. Car Ride is her motion of choice.

   Lots and lots of coffee and wine. For me, not the Babe. Cheers!


  1. Poor thing! It's so awful when they're sick at that age!

    1. It really is not fun at all. Hopefully she'll kick this thing in the next few days; lots of sleep and snuggles for now!