Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Texas Chili Recipe

It is recipe share day here on this fab Wednesday! Lizzie only woke up once last night so I feel fantastic. I hope she keeps it up. I love waking up completely rested for a change. So anyway, back to the food! Chili. 

Number 1: Do not put beans in chili! Don't do it. Chili is a meat and tomato dish, no beans. A true, true 'Texas Red' doesn't even have tomato, so to put bean in it is totally sacrilegious. If you really want beans with your chili, I recommend baked beans as a side. 

Number 2: Spice! I like a good and spicy chili. Not to the point of tears but just enough to where you get the heat in the back of mouth. If you like a less spicy chili, start with half of the seasoning then after you're done cooking, spice the rest to what you like. A bland chili turns into a pasta sauce. Trust me, I've done it. It's weird. 

Number 3: Cornbread is the perfect side for chili. The sweetness of the bread is the best compliment to the spice of the chili. Jiffy corn muffin mix is my favorite. I combine two boxes in a 9" round and bake for the recommended time to get a cake sized bread. It is delicious. 

Number 4: Enjoy! Chili is fun meal. Load it up with cheese. Make a Frito pie. Do whatever your little heart desires. But no beans : )      

In honor of Texas Chili Day, Miss Lizzie decided today was the perfect day for her Texas onesie. 

Lord I could eat this child up. Those eyes! 
Let me know how your Chili turns out! Did you make it super spicy or the mildest of mild? Either way, I hope it's super delicious and takes the edge off of these last few weeks of winter! 

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