Monday, May 6, 2013

Blast from the past

Luna woke up this morning with a welt on her nose that almost looked like a burn. Needless to say I googled it faster then a jack rabbit on a hot date, and Dr. Google promptly gave me some reasons for the bump. Of course what is the first thing to come up but sinus cancer. Don't you just love webmd's optimism? Even for animals they still like to scare the pants off of you first thing out of the gate with the cancer option. Boo. So what does any worried fur baby mommy do but run to the vet as fast as your feet can carry you!

While we were waiting at Banfield for Luna to get called back she was trying to make friends with other dogs in the store. I guess I'm just not entertaining enough for her sometimes. lol. One yellow lab puppy took a special shine to Luna. He was a cute thing no more then 6 months old but already bigger then Lu. While I was talking to his owners, the girl told me I looked so familiar to her. My little red flag was flying in the back of my mind too but for the life of me I could not place her. It turns out she remembered me from Middle School in Texas and could even remember my name. I wish I had a memory like hers. It took me a hot minute to remember her but when I did it hit me like a bag of bricks! Her name is Audrey and we had gone to the same elementary school too. She moved away in the seventh grade to Florida where she grew up and married a nice helicopter pilot and they are now in Norfolk for training before moving to Guam. What are the odds of seeing another person I knew when I was younger in Texas here in Norfolk? This would be the third time someone has recognized me from growing up in Corpus. It is wild to think that there are others who's lives are so linear to yours: growing up in the same city, same schools, married men with the same careers, moved to the same city far from home. I love serendipitous moments like those. It really is a small, small world. 

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