Friday, May 3, 2013

The home stretch

Today marks the beginning of the final week of this deployment. I can't believe it is almost done! It will be amazing to have my husband back. Back in the states. Back in our house. I'll have someone to cook for besides me and Luna and the occasional friend who drops by. When I start a new painting or craft, he'll be there to tell me I'm crazy, then tell me the final product is amazing and that he loves it. Wine will only be half mine again, but it's okay when the other half is going to him :)

Today I thought back on all of the good and hard times during this deployment. This deployment was a blessing in that I got the chance to see him during it! It is so rare to be able to actually set eyes on your spouse during a deployment, and I was so grateful to be able to. It really helped to break up the deployment into 'before' and 'after I see him' time frames. But the visits are majorly outnumbered by the alone time. Being home alone is always something that is hard for me to adjust to. I always seem to want to run down the stairs and tell him what happened on Real Housewives even though he doesn't give a damn what went down between Vicki and Tamra this week. Sleeping alone is something that I never get used to. I feel weird when my leg drifts over to his side of the bed (just like Billy Crystal in When Harry met Sally). And then there are those days where you just feel out of it. I had some hard times that led me to Fleet and Family; just to talk to someone you know. And I know I am not the only one that just wants to unload all of the heaviness in your heart sometimes. I went to Fleet & Family because I didn't want to unload on a friend or family member that would try to 'fix' what I thought was wrong. I just wanted someone to kind of talk at. To listen without a bias or previous knowledge, that I could just bitch to or even cry to sometimes. They were so helpful in this self discovery period of my life. I decided to add something I thought would be helpful to other navy/military spouses on my page today.

I added a new page today full of resource websites. Fleet and Family is there, Cinchouse and other military lifestyle blogs. It is nice to know that you are not alone during this time even though you might feel like it. Talk to other people in the command who's spouse is deployed with yours.  If there is anyone who knows exactly what you are going through it is another spouse. FRGs are great to get to know some new people and see who you really hit it off with. My Officer's Spouse Club is a small but tight group with some amazing women in it. You never know, you might meet a life long friend.

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