Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tap me in

I went to dinner tonight with some of the wives from the spouse's club. It was a blast. We went to a new place in Virginia Beach called Tapped Gastropub and it was incredible. If you have ever complained about not having a lot of options for good food in the area, here is a place to fight against that argument. Lots of options, including gluten free, lots of flavor and an excellent beer and wine selection. And live music! Don't worry it's not the weird guy that smells like rotten patchouli and can't really sing with an overwhelming sound system, but someone who can actually play guitar and sing a great acoustic set.

It was a marvelous time. There was lots of catching up and play dates being made and farewells to be said. It was our last group outing with Caroline, the COs wife. They are moving onto their new command next week so it was bitter sweet having dinner this time. Caroline really helped to change the Club from business to social fun this past year. It was a great transition! Now we just eat and drink and talk; a lot :) Sometimes you just need to be around other women who get you. Who get what it is like to be a temporary single parent or who will drive you to the hospital when your appendix needs to go. They know what it is like to not know where you are going to be living in a year (and that you have absolutely no control over where you go next). They understand you and you understand them. It was great seeing them. I can't wait for next months "meeting". lol.

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