Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday {9}

The Christmas week is almost upon us. I can smell the tamales now. Yum. To commemorate this being my first holiday season blogging, this post is about one thing only: our Virginia Christmas. As you may remember from my last entry, this is the second Christmas Hubby and I are spending together in the States. I wanted this one to be really special, so I completely decked out the house, got him some pretty decent gifts and now it's vacation time.

Our tree is covered in ornaments from our childhoods
These are our Kindergarten ornaments 
My favorite Target wrapping paper. I wish I had bought it in bulk
The mantle is still my favorite piece
My chalkboard frame redo. I think it turned out pretty nice.
Blue ornaments are my decorating theme this year
All of the handrails are covered in garland! 
And of course we cannot forget the most festive person that lives in this house. 
Luna Mae!

Yes, that is a puppy Christmas dress
Why? Why not!
And an ugly sweater for the road! 
Happy Early Christmas everyone!

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