Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Can I refill your eggnog Eddie?

Let's keep these Christmas themed posts rolling shall we! 
Yesterday's was all about creating some holiday flair without breaking your budget. Today's is all about helping spread holiday cheer with your friends and family that appreciate a great holiday tradition: Drinking with holiday flair!  

Oh yes. It is time for one of the greatest of drinking games. "Joy to the 'Wold": The Christmas Vacation Drinking Game. I found this game in the middle of summer on Pinterest. You can find anything on that site. It is magic. So anyway, a gal posted on her blog, Little Baby Garvin, this game that her and her husband made up in college. And I truly believe that they created a Christmas tradition. It could very well only be played by college students and people in their early twenties but you know what; That's pretty freakin' awesome! It is a riot, an amazing way to kick off this time of year. Just listen to the ground rules and what you'll need to play:

You need - an excessive amount of beer (of course), a Santa hat and a single shot of your choice, preferably a lime flavored Jello shot topped with cat food. 

How can you not want to play a game that starts out those requirements!? Then the drinking cues are even better:

Drink when - Ellen calls Clark "Sparky", The swimming pool is referenced, someone is wearing an ugly sweater, Christmas music!

Ahh, I can't wait to have people over and we can start a round of this game. It will be hilarious and no doubt there will be hysterical photos taken during the two hour festival of holiday drunkenness. For the complete set of rules and extra credit opportunities (trust me you want to read those) click here. To finish off in the festive Vacation spirit I have compiled a selection of pictures from some of my favorite scenes and just other hilariousness. Hopefully it puts you in the Vacation/Drinking spirit. Enjoy! 

And the piece de resistance...

I might have to buy this. 

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