Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dollar Store Wreath Makeover

So I finally finished the adornment of holiday cheer around my house. I.E., it looks like Christmas threw up all over the place and I love it. A few entries back I wrote about how I had found my holiday inspiration for the outside of the house. See. Oh I love that house. But sadly I do not have the resources to purchase such gorgeous wreaths as those, so what do we do when we can't afford the good stuff. We go to the dollar store and we make it! So let's kick off this high crafting season with a step-by-step to getting 6 nice, full wreaths for a grand total of $14.

I bought all of my supplies for $1 a piece and here is all you need.

- 6 wreaths
- 2 garlands
- 6 pre-made ribbons
   And that is it. 

Before we begin, I recommend scrolling to the bottom and hitting play on the music to really get into the holiday crafting mood. Ready? Okay, lets get to it!   

Start off with the wreath. Yuck. It kind of looks mangy, but that's okay it is only temporary.

Spread all of the branches away from the center wire. 

Here is what it looks like when you're finished.  

Take a garland and wrap it around the center wire. Tie it in place with the surrounding branches. 

Keep wrapping the garland around the center wire, going in between the branches so as to make it as full as possible.

You should not be able to see the center wire anymore, just the garland and branches. 

Next, take the branches and fold them inward. 

Go all around the wreath repeating this step until all of the branches are folded in and even. 

Cut the excess garland when you are all done.

Separate a section of branches for the ribbon to go.  

Attach the ribbon to the center wire with the ties. 

If you want to, you can add another tie for some extra wind insurance. I always save my ties from bread, so they came in pretty handy. 

And you're done. Ta Da!

Display them in windows like I did, in front of mirrors or on a door. They are so cheap, you can personalize one for everyone in your home. Make one for every bedroom, bathroom or closet door. I hope you like the tutorial. Let me know how your wreaths turn out. Don't forget to tag me in your pictures! @amodernnavywife    


  1. adding garland to a dollar wreath is GENIUS! Loveeee the idea!