Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mini Vaycay

Does anyone else think of Legally Blonde when they say words like vaycay? lol. Gotta love a good chick flick that takes you back. Sorry, I'm reminiscing over here, anywho...
We are going to have a great week. Hubby took some leave :) So I have him all day for the next five days! Who knows what we might do? Maybe we'll take our first summer trip to Busch Gardens or venture up to DC? But first thing is first and we are going to log some serious couch time. Netflix is up and Hulu is streaming in this house all day long. Today hubby busted out the grill and made some beer can chicken for dinner. That man definitely knows his way around a grill! After dinner we turned into two bumps on a log and haven't left the beloved sofa yet. Is there anything better then couch snuggle time? My poor hubby has been working so much these last few weeks. 14 hour days and weekends at the squadron are no fun for anyone. We will take major advantage of the rest of this week. Keep an eye out for pictures and tales of what we do these next few days. Leave from work is going to be few and far between from now on, so I will cherish it!

Until tomorrow

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