Friday, July 26, 2013

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Oh my!

Have yall seen this video yet? Quick, hit the play button. Watch it? Good!

It is the Navy's newest PSA aimed at kids and STEM technology. I wish we had videos like this when I was younger. It is such a fantastic way to get kids interested in the sciences. The jet... the engines... how much more awesome science is then just the "usual" projects! The video has a real shot at igniting a fire in a child for a field of study that they might not have thought of before. With all of the unknowns about job availability right now, it is nice to know that there will be plenty of opportunities for science heavy careers for our kids. And in this military community, where families move so often and change schools regularly, parents really need to feed kids' educations and nurture their curiosity. When I was a kid, the sciences never really crossed my mind as something to be passionate about. It wasn't until I entered my junior year of  high school and dissected my first worm that I started to actually enjoy and look forward to science classes. If only that fire had been lit inside me earlier then that, oh man, I can only imagine.

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