Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Watch

I am so excited. A new generation of English royalty is entering the world sometime today. So what I am not British, I don't care. I am a proud American that loves a good baby story! Who doesn't love a baby? Not to mention I have been semi-obsessed with the English monarchy since I did my first report on King Henry VIII in grade school. So, the big question now is...what do you think it is? A sweet, gentle little girl or a bouncing baby boy?

We will just have to wait and see! But in the mean time, I have composed a list of some of the most interesting fun facts I have found surrounding the royal birth:

  1. The baby will only be the second future monarch to be born in a hospital. Prince William, the bundle's daddy, was the first future King to be born in a hospital and it is the same one that his child will be delivered in, St. Mary's Hospital.
  2. The royal baby is estimated to bring in $380 million dollars into the British economy with the sale of memorabilia and food and drink to celebrate. He/she is already taking after its mother! 
  3. The baby is not required to have a surname. But if mommy and daddy decide they want Junior to have a last name, they can chose from a selection including Mountbatten-Windsor, Wales, or Cambridge.  
  4. Landmarks around the world will be lit in pink or blue light at the announcement of his/her arrival. Niagara Falls, Toronto's CN Tower and the fountains in London'd Trafalgar Square will be blue or pink soon. 
  5. Traditionally, the birth announcement is placed on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace and from there the world would learn how much the baby weighed, sex and length. But this will be the first birth to also be announced using the newest of information technologies: Twitter! Yep, I predict that will be one tweet to re-tweeted by millions and millions. 
  6. That baby already has its own Wiki page! I kid you not: Child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 
  7. Bookies have 4-1 odds that the baby will have red hair. A little gingy just like his/her Uncle Harry. 
  8. It has been 120 years since a still-serving monarch has been alive for the birth of a great-grandchild. 
  9. The Welsh composer Paul Mealor who wrote a piece for the wedding of William and Kate in 2011, recently composed a lullaby for their baby called "Sleep On".
  10. Prince William will be in the delivery room for his child's arrival and take two weeks paternity leave from his duties with the Royal Air Force. Now that is one lucky military daddy.

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