Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Long Weekend

I was so distracted with all of the news about the royal baby that I never got a chance to share the weekend adventures. What a little cutie he is going to be! Okay, I'm done with royal baby fever for a little while.

So....Hubby's squadron had a mess meeting this past Friday. Basically it is when everyone gets together, usually in a bar, and has a good time. But they do do "official" things along with the morale boosting, like introduce the new guys and give out the all important call signs. And it is because of this tradition that now I know some people by the names of Cher (for a man), Jekyll, Frodo, Mush, and Zuko (like Grease!). Hubby's call sign is Tubs, like a bathtub in a restroom. There a huge, long, amazingly inappropriate story that goes along with it, but long story short he feel asleep somewhere he shouldn't have! And you know what it is by his call sign, Tubs! And for about a year now I have been Mrs. Tubs in my own right for exactly the same thing. My long story short is: Boston, 4th of July, too much Bar fun, a gorgeous marble Ritz-Carlton bathroom and a $150 bubble bath I wanted to replicate for a lot less money! Yeah, Mrs. Tubs I am.

So anyway, back to the weekend. I knew some of the guys were going to come over after the mess meeting to hang out before the squadron went downtown to support one of the Air Crewman who DJs. It was his farewell night since he and his family were moving to San Diego the next week, and we wanted to be there to show our support for his passion. I was all up for the guys coming over before we headed out to the club. I can handle a few guys over no problem, I'll just grab a few beers and get ready for loud noises :) On Friday, before the squadron made their way to a local watering hole, I got a phone call from Hubby telling me almost the entire group is coming over afterward and he'll be by to drop off the keg before the meeting. "No big deal" I said. "Great" I mused. Inside, I was freaking! 3 hours! A kegger! He gave me 3 hours to go from a couple of guys to 20 plus with the Skipper! He wasn't sure if wives or girlfriends were coming or not, so I prepped like everyone was going to walk through the house. I immediately went into panic/superwoman/chicken-with-my-head-cut-off cleaning mode! Vacuum, check. Guest room set up, check. Clean every toilet, check. Etc. Home cleaning was done. Then I ventured out to gather food and drinks, I love my Harris Teeter for the one-stop shop less then a mile from my house. Coke, chips, dip, fruit, wine and lots and lots of water. Okay, I was ready. Bring it on. Release the hounds!


Then it was onto the Granby Theater. That's our guy Mr. B. We'll miss him when we wanna go dancing. He was the best DJ they had. I know he's having a blast in Cali.

Oh man, that was a long day/night, but it was a really good time. The keg was floated, all the food was gone and no one passed out in the garage. I call that a success. I have no idea how Hubby and I had the energy to go bike riding in Williamsburg the next day. 

It is definitely time to invest in a bike rack with Hubby back in the states. It was like handlebar-peddle Tetris trying to fit the bikes in the back. Maybe next weekend we can take this act further down the road to Busch Gardens. I am craving a roller coaster ride. 

Until next time :) 


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