Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorry I've been gone so long

Pardon my absence these past few weeks. To paraphrase Juno: I have been out dealing with things way beyond my maturity level. lol. Gotta add a little humor to situations like these!

The current situation is medically related of course. Forget the job hunt, this has taken up all my research time. I recently had a procedure done at the "lady doctor", so you know right off the bat it was not pleasant or looked forward to. I had to high tail myself to Portsmouth Naval Hospital and have a lovely procedure called a colposcopy. If you google it, do not image search it! Trust me. I did before the procedure and it scared me half to death. Luckily my doctor was amazing and the nurse who assisted was hilarious. They really helped to take my nerves away and distract me during the whole thing. I was very appreciative! So now I am in limbo waiting for my results. I hate this part the most. I haven't let my phone out of my sight or let the battery die since last week. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I am not even saying the big "C" word, just to make sure I don't put it out there. Nothing but good thoughts and white light are coming from me. I am a firm believer in whatever you put out comes back to you and that happy thoughts breed happy results. So send me some good vibes people!

Until tomorrow


  1. I'm sending you positive thoughts regarding your procedure. I had the same thing done a few years ago, but didn't google it beforehand so I wasn't too worried until a kind co-workeer/friend offered to take the morning off to come to the hospital with me "for support." Ack!! I realized then it wasn't going to be much fun. I like your blog. Nanette (

    1. Thanks for the happy thoughts and kind words. I think they worked! I received my results Monday, and I am clear and healthy! I can breath easy again :)