Saturday, April 20, 2013

I popped some tags

What started out as a trip to get some lab work done in Chesapeake ended with a few new projects courtesy of The Salvation Army. I constantly have to be in the middle of some kind of project. Any project. It could be a painting, making a new skirt or a piece of furniture that is screaming for fresh coat of fun paint. Crafts make me happy. So when I left the clinic to head back home and saw the store, you know I flipped a U as fast as I could!
I left with two new bed side tables, a tower of plastic drawers to house spray paint and some navy uniforms that can be easily transformed into bags for ladies! Ahh sewing projects make me giddy!
Oh sigh. I am in utter bliss already. Tomorrow starts a new day of crafting. I can't wait, I might even wake up early to begin them all!

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