Sunday, April 21, 2013

We named the dog Indiana

You know what movie I'm talking about. 

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The one with Indy and James Bond aka Sean Connery. A cinematic classic And it makes me miss hubby so much, that and the glass of wine in my hand :) It is one of my favorites and it is delicious. Oh me, I should have bought stock in wine for this deployment; and Cox Cable Communications for that matter, for they are the ones providing me with the movie tonight.

This movie was one of the first things me and my husband bonded over. Yeah, we're movie people. Big movie people. We speak in quotes at times. Cheesy, crass and classic movies the same. His friends used to call him mobile imdb. My family has called me Sammi-pedia for years. I remember he was shocked when I told him the Last Crusade was one of my favorites on our first date. I like to think it was when he started to fall for me. Le sigh. I miss him.
Back to my movie and libation of choice. Cheers and 'night yall.  

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