Monday, April 22, 2013

Nightstand redo

Craft time! This is the brand new side table I finished up today. Oh I love it. I just wish I had a space for it to live in my house.  Not to shabby for a $20 find and $20 in goods to fix it up. 
All it took was Bulls Eye 1.2.3. Primer, Valspar Spray Paint in Brushed Rose and a small interior woven paint roller (trust me on the woven ones, they soak up less paint then the foam ones). I kept the original hardware it came with but I am half tempted to purchase some crystal ones. The overall process is very simple. 
  • Remove the drawers and their hardware and clean the outside and inside of the table with a large paintbrush. Just brush out any cobwebs or dirt that may be in or on the table.
  • Start priming all the pieces in the direction of the grain. I prime inside and out of the table and drawers. It helps to seal out smells if your piece has a little of a musty smell. I use the roller for the primer. It allows the paint to evenly distribute in the grain without the lines that paint brushes give. Wait two hours then add another coat. 
  • Now leave it be. I let my pieces dry overnight to ensure that they are completely dry. This is one of the things I do different from other crafters. The label of the primer says it is dry in an hour, but I just like to make sure every part of the piece is bone dry. 
  • Spray paint away. A light, even spray from side to side will do. Two coats is best to make sure every bit of white primer is covered. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the next or else you could end up with paint runs down the sides (not cute). I spray paint the inside of the table and drawers as well. It looks nicer then the color contrast with the original wood color. 
  • Allow everything to dry overnight.
  • When everything is nice and dry reattach hardware, put the drawers back in and admire your work! 

Now go raid a Salvation Army, Goodwill or any thrift shop that is close to you, pick up a piece of furniture you would normally never give a second look to and make it beautiful! 

Happy crafting yall! 

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