Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just call me Gidget

Today was the third day of "spri-mmer" in Norfolk. You know that sweet spot of mid 80 degree weather that allows you sit in your car for about 15 minutes without AC and not feel like you are going to melt into your upholstery. It is a wonderful time of year that only lasts a max of 5 weeks here. After mid May it's so damn hot you could spontaneously combust if out in direct sunlight for too long. So what do I do to celebrate, I take my furry little love bug baby Luna to the beach for some sand and sun of course!

Yes that's my baby girl in all her panting glory. She has a love for the beach that I never thought I would find in a puppy. Coming from South Texas I grew up on a beach and my hubby is about as white as white can get; So him + sun = lobster. Now I finally have my guaranteed beach buddy! If I take her off the leash, she will bolt into the water and try to chase it back out to the ocean. (Not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, but a sweet one) She is also totally enamored by the jets that fly over the beach. NAS Oceana is just a few miles from the beach and they fly right overhead. I think that was what she was so heavily focused on in the picture. Gotta love her.

Beautiful day to beach it. Maybe this will be the beginning of a weekly outing. I feel an excursion to Colonial Williamsburg coming on! Oh I love new adventures! After our duel beach bunny day it was time to go home....Luna was wiped out. Gotta adore a sleepy puppy, even when she sleeps on your new pillows.


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