Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday Time

This week has been an up and down kind of week, full of highs and lows but learning moments all along the way.

{1} I found my new piece of artwork /slash/ mantra for the new year. I love it. Simple. Elegant. Truthful. 

{2} We found our new house in Florida! I think it is a little bit of Pleasantville. It will definitely be my working project for the next few months, and I will definitely be posting all about the moving-decorating-furniture reworking for each room. It will be a step by step process but I cannot wait to start it. 

This will be Luna's new puppy park! I love this backyard. 
{3} I am deeply neglecting taking down the Christmas decorations. The tree is still up as well as garland and stockings. We just got home two days ago. We need to go through all of our laundry and get our routines back before we attack those goodies. But ugh, I don't wanna. Would it be rude to ask the movers to pack it up? That's a legit question right?

{4} I did my very first #throwbackthursday yesterday. I know, I know. I am way behind in that game. But at least I made it a good one. I think I am about 3 years old and I am wearing my favorite dress and costume jewelry. But the real kicker was those bangs. I cut them all by myself. I was so proud of the lop-sided off-ness. Yep, right before picture day. I am sure my mother was so proud of her budding hair stylist daughter that day.  

{5} Hubby has his Hail and Bail party tomorrow, and I am actually kind of sad about it. Our time here in Norfolk is all over. I am going to miss this place. I am going to miss the friends I made here even more. The ladies I met here are the ones who know exactly what it is like to have this crazy lifestyle. And these are the friends that I know I will see again. It may be in a few months or a few years but we are all destined to meet again. The Navy is a small, small place and that is one of the things I love the most about these friendships. They are the ones that no matter how much time has passed, you pick up right where you left off. Those are the friendships that last a lifetime. And with all of the craziness that has happened in this community these past few days, friends and love are what helps you through it all. 


  1. Number 1 is perfect! Congrats on finding your Florida home (and moving to sunny Florida)! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

    1. Thanks! We are so excited to hit the road and start this new chapter. I am so looking forward to that Florida sun for the next 3 years :)

  2. All my xmas decorations are still up so no worries!

  3. New follower :) Moving to someplace warm sounds so good right now, Indiana is a little too cold! Such a pretty house :)

    1. Thanks Kym, I am looking forward to getting out of the chill too, but my chill is nothing like yours. A cousin of mine lives in Indiana and the last I heard he had a -12 day! Stay warm!