Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Home, New Decor

I think I found the direction for my new office/craft room. I want to keep everything as light and airy as possible for our new house. Most of our stuff now is heavy and dark (most of it was Hubby's before we got married, you know how that goes) and I want to try to add a slightly feminine touch to our new spaces. 

So, I kind of raided the Dot & Bo website today and loaded up my cart with a whole bunch of goodies that I love but frankly cannot afford them all. These are the catches that are not only adorable but affordable. Nothing on this list is over 35 bucks! 

1.   That clock. I love an old fashioned alarm clock, but I can only find them in plain silver and I have no way of cracking the face open to paint it without possibly destroying it. This one is perfect for that little bit of color in an all white room.

2.   Glass candy dish. It had been making the Pinterest rounds a few months ago and I finally found where I can buy it. Yay! Get ready anyone who walks into my crafty space, you will leave with a handful of sour skittles. 

3.   Gold scratch map. I am very guilty of taking pictures on trips and they stay either on my phone or make it to print and live in drawers to never be seen. This is the perfect way to not only display our travels but keep an eye on the places we haven't been to yet. And imagine how satisfying would it be to get home and scratch another country off! 

4.   Yellow accessory tray. I am not sure if it is a large cat, a badger or what but I love the color of this catch-all tray. It would go along perfectly with that clock. 

5.   Cities desk calendar. Who wouldn't love to look at a new, gorgeous drawing of a fabulous city every month? That 50s, 60s map design is one of my favorite styles of art. It is feminine but still very Mad Men. I think Hubby will like it. And even if he doesn't, it's going in my space anyway. lol. 

Happy Tuesday!    

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