Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Me...and all that Jazz

I know I am not the only person that doesn't make resolutions. I just don't like being smack in the middle of July and realizing I have not crossed one thing off of that list. So to keep with tradition I am not making any resolutions but guidelines for me to try this year. Changes that I need to make to make life easier/better/fun.

1.   I have a really bad habit of putting things off until they absolutely have to be done. Like have to be done. Some call it procrastination, I call it a lifestyle choice. lol. So here and now I am going to try my absolute hardest to be more on top of things. Errands will be done on time, blog posts to write, projects finished, housework...oh the housework...that will take time to adjust to.

2.   I have a lot of stuff. Literally stuff. Most of it is just junk that I keep around, very little is treasured or useful. One of my biggest changes for this coming year is de-cluttering. No longer will I keep every blanket I have inadvertently collected over the years. Everything in our new house will be things that have a deep meaning to us or we use often. Everything will have a home and no longer will I be frantically stuffing things into closets and cupboards when I need to tidy up. It is time to clean. 

3.   We need to find a church we love, that will love us back. I haven't had a church since I left Corpus in 2010. Bay Area Fellowship was the first church I ever truly felt comfortable in and I looked forward to going each Sunday. I hope we can find a place that gives us the same feeling.  

4.   Just be thankful for everyday. Just because I have a bad day doesn't mean the next day will be bad or the one after that. I will be thankful for everyday. 


  1. Small world! We attend Bay Area in Corpus right now! It took us months to find that church, but we really like it!